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Today dawned bright and sunny, a tad coolish but dry! Over the weekend, we had a mini monsoon – well,  not quite but certainly lots of rain. On Saturday, in between downpours, friend Margaret (MT) and I went on a house tour in the town of Cheverly MD., a small municipality right next door to Washington DC.

It never ceases to amaze me how steeped in United States history is this area, the Nation’s capital, that I’ve called home since 1974. On the tour, our first and most delightful stop: Mount Hope, a home built circa 1880s, sitting on a hilltop. Surrounded by trees and a huge front porch offering lots of outdoor living space, and shelter from the relentless rain, the house, a typical colonial mansion, restored and renovated for 21st Century life, still very much holds its 19th Century charm. One could easily imagine living there…


We visited 5 of the 7 houses on the tour; our second favorite : a circa 1950s, I’m guessing, 2-story ranch style house, recently renovated. The owners created a continuous video loop showing the renovation. A unique feature: a set of card catalog drawers built into the wall just inside the front door. Not sure what it was for but certainly an eye catcher.

Each home on the tour also served wine, cheese, hor d’oeuvres – very welcomed on that very rainy day!


Sunday, the rain continued; I traveled to Columbia for our monthly Friendstitching gathering. We met at new friend’s Michelle’s  house: very lovely, warm and charmingly decorated with a variety of Nutcrackers. Food was delicious: baked salmon; spinach salad; green beans; rice and of course, dessert featuring Michelle’s cookies. She fixed each of us a lovely little box of delights to take home. The little pouch sitting on top was made by Pat – one for each of us with different fabric. The Scotty dog for me. Each pouch was filled with candy but could be used for paper clips, ribbons, etc…


The piece de resistance was Coconut, Michelle’s little dog 13 years . Coconut slept while we needlepointed, knitted chatted…and the rain, continued.

Tho’ wet, a fulfilling and delightful weekend, nonetheless. How was your weekend? Drier, I hope.



22 thoughts on “weekending | 12.16.18 …

  1. The card catalog built into the wall is intriguing. Now what could one store in those drawers besides library cards? No rain here. We had beautiful high 40 degree days. On Sunday, my sister and brother-in-law came over for lunch and then we went to a holiday concert late in the afternoon. Sometimes the quieter get togethers are nice.


  2. I was thinking like Dee – the card catalog drawers would be perfect for storing keys as soon as you walk in. I really like the look of that. Your Sunday sounds like it was really nice too. Love the picture of Coconut dozing away with all of you surrounding her/him.


  3. What a great way to spend a rainy weekend! That built-in card catalog is just awesome. I wonder what they use it for? (I wonder what I’d use it for???) XO


  4. I LOVE your bag/pouch . So so sweet and it looks perfectly made. I do admire those who can sew. I’d don’t think I’d ever sew clothing, but cute items like that would be on my list. Our weekend was busy with friends but fun. My nurse pal Sandy had us for a Holiday dinner. She is so dear to me. I think Fireman and I are still full from the dinner


  5. I’d bet the card boxes are a hold over from calling card days, or an adorable recycle like the modern cubbies, or foyer table using much less space. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Sounds like you made the very best of a rainy weekend! We had lots of rain on Sunday–I drove to the mall for a needed item for our bridge group that night in a downpour. It was a busy weekend, but most of it happened here.


  7. You certainly made the best of a very wet weekend! I would’ve been tempted to stay home …. and I’m so glad you didn’t!


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