unraveled wednesday | 6.5.19 …


I can’t believe we’re into the 5th day of June…only 25 more days to go til July…and  then this date, the 5th, will be after July 4! Kat mentioned that she was still a bit unraveled after her trip to Michigan…I too have been unraveled for the past month…and I didn’t take a trip to Michigan. Since Kayla’s graduation last Wednesday, I bought a new car! Thursday afternoon, we went to Look/See and about 5 hours or so later, I was driving the new car home! It is a Honda CRV- with a sunroof , keyless entry,  and a computerized dashboard, etc. I expect that in due time, I’ll figure it out. The above picture is a layout I made for the annual May 31 days LOAD  – layout a day – Challenge! As for that, I met the challenge and I’m glad that LOAD is over for a while…I think we have a 7 day mini -LOAD in August. By then, I expect I’ll have totally recovered.


Apple opened a new “store” in a former Carnegie Library in downtown DC. This past Sunday, Kayla and I went for a photo-walk session…and Kayla took the above photo. The background is one of four panels painted on a building…each panel is one of the letters in LOVE.  I’m standing in front of  which letter? Your Guess?*


After the walk, we stopped for dinner at ZAYTINYA. The middle Eastern style cuisine was good and for dessert, we had a tremendous rain storm, complete with hail stones! The above is a before photo. Don’t your just love Kayla’s h-u-g-e earrings and fancy nails?

Needless to say, I haven’t done much in the way of anything else over the past week…savoring the slow resumption of normal routines and rare June summer days…

Joining Kat and friends here.


*Yep! V it is!


10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 6.5.19 …

  1. I am finally getting my feet back under me and feeling almost back to “normal”. A new car! FUN and congratulations! That is just wonderful! (And, I do adore her earrings and those nails!) XO


  2. Funny how that works. A year ago, I just went to “look” at a Ford Escape, and ordered one before I left the dealership. I hope you like the CRV as well as I like my Escape. After driving a Subaru Forester for over 20 years, I expected to have some adjustments to make—it was an easy transition. Wishing the same for you! I’ve seen a few pairs of earrings like that—so cool, but hard to imagine wearing! Likewise the nails, gorgeous but I can’t deal with really long nails!


  3. Kayla looks gorgeous. I love her style – those earrings are great. I have driven a Honda Accord for the last six years. It has been a good car with little maintenance. I hope you like yours. I better knock on wood so I don’t jinx the car. Are you standing in front of the V?


  4. Yay for the “V” – duh – lol .

    Congrats on the new car…we are going shopping on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to it!

    Love the earrings, but I could not do the nails.


  5. Congratulations on your new car! I hope you enjoy many safe and happy miles with it. Love your “V” photo and Kayla’s earrings! I can’t imagine wearing them myself, but so admire them!


  6. Congrats on the new car. I had a CR-V 10 years. LOVED IT!!! I hope you have as good of luck and good times in yours as I did in mine. Lots of happy memories and good vibes went with the man that bought my used CR-V.

    Kayla is gorgeous, but I don’t know it I could do those big earrings. They look fabulous on her and her nails are so sparkly! Looks like you had a perfect day together.


  7. YAY for the new car – it suits you! (especially once you get comfortable with all the new bells and whistles 😉 I LOVE Kayla’s earrings and nails but whoa, I feel like an old lady because I can’t imagine how hard it might be to move my head … or knit! xxoo.


  8. That’s a totally fabulous photo of you, Honoré! And Kayla (many congrats to her!) is looking splendid too, though I have no idea how I would manage with earrings that size. All kudos to her … Wow, that didn’t take long to buy the car – impressed by your speedy decision-making :).


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