Kayla’s Graduation | 5.29.19…

I come to you from my niece’ Kayla’s graduation from high school – 609 strong!

Diplomas are being given out – and with them, peaks of joy and screams from friends and family in the stands. We are seated at the U of Maryland’s Xfinity Center – where basketball is played.

Soon our girl Kayla will walk across the stage … and I’ve no doubt we’ll be just as loud and excited! A milestone and a moment in our lives – for the graduates and their families . We’re proud of all and wish for them the realization of the promise this day holds for them … and us!

There she is! A Graduate!!! 10:39 am EST!

Go Kayla Go! You did it!


10 thoughts on “Kayla’s Graduation | 5.29.19…

  1. Congratulations to Kayla! I wish all the best for her, that she enjoys the pursuit of her dreams and aspirations, and is surrounded by the love and her support of her family. Way to go, Kayla!


  2. Congrats to Kayla! It’s hard for me to imagine a graduation class that large. I attended two high schools; the first would have graduated about 58; the one I graduated from graduated 103.


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