Memorial Day |5.27.19 …

IMG_8752Today has been appreciatively quiet… as I guess a Monday holiday should be. I took a walk about an hour ago, choosing not to go to the pool (which opened Saturday) ’cause I thought it was going to rain. Yesterday, I started to the pool also…and turned around after about a block: the sky grew dark, thunder rumbled in the distance. When I returned home, the satellite TV signal had been lost – that’s how we know somewhere in the area there’s a storm brewing. Long story short: much ado about nothing!

On Monday mornings, the convener of my Friday Journal Club also leads a group session called Mindful Mondays. Both sessions are great ways to bookend a week; I really enjoy and benefit from the double opportunity to use my words and Jamie’s guidance and tutelage. I appreciate her insight and ability to provide comfort, clarity, and community. We gather from ’round the world and many of us participate in both sessions.

IMG_8745On my afternoon walk today, I saw and liked this photo of a sidewalk – in a way, it reminds me of a quilt block…but I’m thinking it might be good for the back yard. This is the year it gets attention: possibly a new deck and for sure, flowers, bushes along the fence, a tree or two…and a place for Hazel (niece Chris’ puppy) to run.

IMG_8749Aren’t these bright and cheerful? Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.



9 thoughts on “Memorial Day |5.27.19 …

  1. We have been working diligently in our back yard as well! Hard but rewarding work – and Sherman is very appreciative! 🙂

    I hope you had the loveliest day – the rains held off here until the overnight hours.


  2. What a lovely day! We had a busy Monday, mostly spent in the garden — and I was actually grateful for a rain shower in the afternoon so I could go inside and rest. 😉


  3. Your walk produced some lovely sights and ideas, even if you haven’t yet made it to the pool! The rain has arrived here today, which is fine with me because I’m a bit tired and sore from yard work and looking forward to some inside things.


  4. Gorgeous flowers! We put in a couple of new trees this year (a fig!!! and an Asian Pear). Good thing as half our weeping cherry ended up dead and a number of branches on our apple tree were also dead. Hmmmm…not sure what is going on. We had a bit of rain on Sunday and now we have a tornado watch until 10 p.m.!!


  5. We spent the better part of Sunday and Monday getting the yard and patio ready. Today is cool and rainy, but I’m hoping to eat on the patio regularly this summer. The cutting garden is planted as are the tomatoes. We had lettuce planted as well, but the very next day some animal had a feast so most of it is already gone. Not sure where we can plant it this year where we can use the cage over the top. May have to rely on the Farmer’s Market for lettuce this year. Thanks for the email link about the live photos. I’ve yet to get to it, but I will!


  6. that sidewalk is pretty – love those tall planters flanking the stairs, too. we are really enjoying our backyard thanks to last year’s work. and whew! glad others DID the work 😉


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