TGIF | 6.7.19 …


Thinking: where has the morning gone? It seems to have disappeared, poof! As tho’ someone waved a magic wand or uttered a few magic words. This morning, I’m trying on ideas and spending the time leisurely, in tune with all sorts of sensory stimulation…soon, 1 PM, EST, t’will be time for Journal Club…and then, a trip to Whole Foods. The larder is bare …


  • the ceiling fan as the breeze cools my skin;
  • the sound of frozen berries as they fall into the bowl;
  • the sight of the gentle movement of this tree’s leaves, caressed by a breeze;
  • the sweet peach flavor of my tea and its
  • aroma

Inspired: the June issue of O – the Oprah Magazine. Bright. Colorful. Summery. And filled with all sorts of images for collage…in addition to the monthly book reviews and Oprah’s signature “What I Know for Sure” closing column. This month’s article begins “OH, WHAT A TIME to be a woman.” The piece goes on to focus on the advances women are making in the world with specific focus on New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden during the Christchurch Muslim community massacres.

Fun: I shared this story with Dee about teenage hair – mine! – in response to a blog comment made earlier this week:

“Love It! My hair @ 16-17 was graced with pink sponge rollers most of the time except when I was in school! I tho’t I was hiding the fact that I’d cut my long tresses – as my father so aptly described when he asked one evening at dinner: “Whatever happened to Honoré ‘s long tresses?” Durn! Caught in the act!

Needless to say, other than being embarrassed, the world didn’t end! But that was pretty much the end of my long tresses. I’ve kept my hair mostly short ever since…

Have a great weekend!


* I’m joining Michelle GD for her free summer series here .

9 thoughts on “TGIF | 6.7.19 …

  1. I love your start to the day – and I often think, where on earth did the morning go! It is still a mystery to me. Honestly!
    Yes, to WHAT A TIME TO BE A WOMAN… absolutely, always, eternally!
    And, your hair memories… I smiled.


  2. I love days with those slow, thoughtful mornings … and short(ish) hair – I can’t imagine you with long tresses – you need to share a photo!


  3. I’ve always had longish hair, except for the time I cut it when we moved to Florida and cried because I hated it! Of course, the first thing I do in the summer months is put it up because hair hanging on my neck just makes me hotter. It seems as if I am never totally happy with my hair!


  4. I had hair I could sit on in fifth grade. My hair is totally straight—no bend anywhere unless added with some device, so when I cut it short, my mother decided I should have a perm. In those days, perms were only very tight and curly. Can I say, it was a most unpleasant shock! In my sixth grade class photo, even I have a hard time recognizing myself. By the time I was married my hair was long again, then cut short when I was working and raising a family (and yes, permed as well, but much more reasonably). Now, of course, I’ve found a middle ground. Love your TGIF–I recently saw a similar one started by Brené Brown. I prefer yours, and may take it up next week.


  5. Oh hair! I go from long to very short, back to long, back to short…the story of my life. I love the line “long tresses” – that’s great. And, I agree with Mary that you need to share a picture of you with long tresses:)


  6. I had long hair in high school and college. The first week of student teaching, a little one put a strand in her mouth as I bent over to help her with a pencil grip. That was the end of long hair for me. I cut it short and never looked back. I love your slow thoughtful mornings. Gratitude is a good way to begin a week.


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