welcome summer 6.21.21 …

Summer arrived with a vengeance ! Temps are in the 90s – even in Washington state! Yesterday, Norman’s son was visiting and as they are wont to do: solved all the world’s problems – I wish – in between watching baseball games and other TV events.

I took my sister to Laurel and decided, since I was near, to make a quick run to Savage Mill. I needed help with a couple fountain pens that were not writing ( probably becuz the ink had dried, duh!). It was very quiet, i.e, I didn’t hear any cicadas; perhaps their time is over – or at least winding down. I was delighted to see my friend Patti, owner of The Queen’s Ink; I’ve know her easily 10 years and last saw her Dec, 2019. She looked great; her hair was especially delightful – you know color – my 2021 word. And the t-shirt she was wearing was stamped with outlines of cicadas – her cicada had a crown! If you look closely, you can see the tips of the crown on her shirt …

In addition to ink, I bought a couple 3.75 x 5.25 sketch book journals – the paper is ideal for drawing, sketching & journaling with pencil, ink, crayon, markers, pastels, etc – and the eight signatures are sewn! I also bought a 3″ x 5″ GELLI printing plate. Playing with it, the sketch journals and my fountain pens is going to be sooo much fun!

I am eager to resume my WANDER journaling/sketching dates to the National Museum of Art’s Sculpture Gardens. When I do, guess what’s coming along with me?

Trust it’s cooler in your part of the country .


11 thoughts on “welcome summer 6.21.21 …

  1. Patti’s place has a delightful name and it sounds like a wonderful store! I’m glad you found some new things to play with!


  2. Oh I hope you’ll take me to visit Patti and her store on my next visit! Definitely not cooler here…and it feels like i could swim through the air. I’m staying inside! 😉


  3. Sounds like another place I need to visit should I get back to Washington, DC. I used to have a Gelli plate (or do I still have it ?) I don’t remember having much luck with it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you create.


  4. Patti is rocking that hair! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your new toys/tools, and I certainly hope you take some photos when you visit the sculpture gardens so we can come along with you!


  5. Our weather can’t make up it’s mind. It’s either 94 degrees with 80+% humidity or it’s 60 degrees and pouring down rain. This has not at all been a normal summer weather-wise.
    Have fun with your inks and such. Can’t wait to see what you create!


  6. Certainly is cooler here, that’s a given! Hoping you manage to enjoy the heat as much as is possible – in the northern hemisphere, we’re all on the slide to winter now :). Ah, gelli plates … I did a great class with Carla Sonheim on using one. I found some of my own playing-around-with-it the other day and wondered how on earth I’d got the effects I did. Hoping you really enjoy it. Sounds as if you’re all geared up to be super creative …


  7. oh my that looks like fun! I can almost feel my creative energies flowing just from reading about yours (thank you!)
    I do hope the cicadas are nearly done … heat by itself is hard enough. (happy June!)


  8. I’ll have to put this place on my to visit list when our son moves back to the DC area. Love this kind of store.


  9. New pens and a journal/sketching book sound like great purchases. I hope you can resume your walks soon with those new writing and drawing supplies tucked into your pocket.


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