sometimes mondays | 4.15.19…

…are days of rest

It’s been a quiet, delightfully so, morning and so far, afternoon! today, I did not have other than to sit here at the table, all morning long, taking it easy, easy, easy!

Yesterday, I clocked more than 12K steps: the Selfie Queen – niece Chris – and I went to the annual White House Garden Spring Tour…we were among the hundreds. We enjoyed the tour and as Chris said: the flowers know no party. Despite the day’s being overcast, the Smithsonian Mall and museums were busy, busy.

From the gardens, we walked to the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden and Restaurant – where we ate lunch and rested…and then, Chris called Uber to take each of us home.

I was wiped out by the time I arrived home – as I pen this post, am still. But that’s been quite OK ’cause I have no place to go today or anything due!

~this tree this morning @ 7:04 am~

Today I’ve been sitting here at the table, since early this morning, watching Mother Nature blow the clouds in and out, the sun come and go.

sometimes mondays are days of rest …

14 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 4.15.19…

  1. 12,ooo steps! wow . The flowers you shared are just lovely!! I want some!! Our 7 inch snowfall did melt almost completely today! hard to fathom but I’m so grateful. We are DONE its been a long winter! Ready ready for Spring


  2. I also rested today. Sometimes it does a body good to take it easy. That Chris is a wise young woman. I’m glad you enjoyed the garden and the city.


  3. Such glorious photos! We’re due for 70’s for three days later this week. I hope the warmth prompts some budding out here! I finished Keep Going this morning, and have a copy in my cart at Amazon. Like you, I will reread parts of it for sure. It’s my favorite of his books—the first one I’ve wanted to own,


  4. A most well-deserved day of rest … and wow! what spectacular blooms you saw. (chuckled about the Uber ride home)


  5. Such a beautiful tree … and a day of rest after exertion sounds just right :). That looks and sounds like a splendid day out, full of colour and movement.


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