unraveled wednesday | 4.17.19…


Still recovering from Sunday’s 12K walkathon…adding yesterday, another 8K+. I normally average circa 5K on a daily basis, weather and other factors permitting. Today’s incentive: spend several [more] hours in my craft room, purging and reorganizing – bringing outer order and inner calm to my creative memory keeping environment as well as my mind.

Calmed and ready for a break – a treat – I journeyed to my favorite (and only) local coffee shop within walking distance. On the way there and back, I listened to the latest edition of What Should I Read Next ? ~ Modern Mrs Darcy podcast, episode 180. This week’s featured guest, Liberty Hardy, host of BookRiot’s All the Books podcast, read 600 books last year! Reading is her full time j-o-b! And then some! Can you imagine? I encourage you to listen to the podcast -even if you’re not a podcast listener. It was fun …and I’ve added Liberty’s fave author: Elizabeth McCracken’s Giant House: A Romance to my TBR list – I don’t usually read fiction in this genre but this one sounds like fun so I thought I might give it a try…any one read it already?

The Quilt Show is two weeks away, May 2-4, and I’ve just a few loose ends to tie up…but for all intent and purpose, I. am.ready.

Joining Kat and friends for another UW. What’s unraveling – or not – in your life these days?


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 4.17.19…

  1. Six hundred books in a year?! That’s more than 1.5/day! I read to savor and enjoy, and just can’t imagine that I would personally retain too much if I read that many (but there is no chance of that happening)!


  2. Wow – if you are almost ready for the quilt show, you have been diligently quilting away. That is some reading record. She must be a speed reader.


  3. Liberty Hardy is a hoot, isn’t she?! I used to listen to her All the Books podcast and I still read her newsletter. and like Dee, I do wish I had a coffee shop (or really, anything!) within walking distance 🙂


  4. I feel accomplished if I read 40 books a year; this year’s goal is 50 and I’ll be really pleased if I make it! I just picked up Lost and Wanted from the library. I could only find it at a more distant library and they only allow two weeks for new books. I read enough great reviews to give it a chance, and after 45 pages, I’m already hooked. I also have a book on voters rights out of the library, and at least four new books that I own—a couple started, the others in a stack.


  5. Outer and inner calm – what a wonderful way to be! I’m catching up on a load of washing and ironing today and hoping it helps me feel more on top of things.


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