unraveled wednesday | 4.10.19 …

1:20 pm EDST

@ IKEA. Just finished lunch: salmon. salad with blackberries,walnuts, blue cheese and ranch dressing . yummy. best coffee, ever. appt this morning: new doctor, about a year ago. he’s funny and so easy to talk to…relaxed, attentive, relatable… all’s good…encouraging, always …spring is really here…today: blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds, lots of sunshine. 67 degrees…near day’s high…happy flowers…happy birds…happy people…finishing Austin Kleon’s first book: steal like an artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative… format & style just like newest … both are quick reads, filled with lots of pithy advice and ideas…especially good tips for forming/strengthening habits….power hour yesterday … roared through household chores…felt good to have them off the menu…Outer Order indeed Inspires Inner Calm.

1:28 pm

time to go… wander through the store … treat myself to a soft cone on the way out…head for home.

5:29 pm.

@home, just awakened from a short nap…spring indeed has arrived…sleepy…tree pollens… or something in the air… Dolly sent text: she wants to learn how to sew, make clothes…funny, I was looking through my ginormous photo library – oh how it needs to be weeded – ran across several pics of Dolly, easily 5-6 years ago, trying out my sewing machine; she took to it quite readily, I seem to recall …what goes around comes around.

joining Kat and friends for another round of unraveled wednseday.

10 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 4.10.19 …

  1. Beautiful spring photo. The book on creativity/habits sounds interesting and your day lovely. Have a good rest of the week.


  2. I really love Austin Kleon’s “philosophy” and approach to creativity. His books are fun to read. Neither of my kids have had any desire to learn to sew — although I did teach them both some basic mending skills before they headed off to college. Erin has recently taken up counted cross stitch (on her own, even), so there is always hope! XO


  3. Austin’s book is waiting for me at the library. Thanks for a peek at it on Sunday. Arrived home safely; dinner with you a highlight of the trip! Sarah’s venture into quilting reminds me of your upcoming sessions with Dolly. For years, she saved any sewing tasks for me when I came to visit. Now her sewing machine is FAR better than any I have ever owned! You just never know . . .


  4. That tree photo is so beautiful. I needed it today .It is dark and so windy. At least our snow did not stick. I will check out that book~! As for Dolly, what a thrill to teach her that complicated skill


  5. Beautiful photo, full of life and hope … How special if you are able to pass on a skill to the next generation. Glad all went well at your doctors – s/he would have been impressed at the delicious healthiness of your lunch!


  6. What a glorious #blueskyblooms! and I love the stream of consciousness post … and having IKEA close enough to drop in for a quick visit and a meal … and Dolly sewing (again 😉


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