sometimes mondays | 5.10.21 …

today begins Ali Edwards’ (at least annual ) Week in the Life documentation of one’s daily life. the week always starts with a big bang, lots of excitement and determination to see the project through with the same intensity at the end – sunday – as one began the previous monday. this year, I decided to use the DayONE app to document my days; it’s available on all my iTools : Mac; iPhone and iPad … and I really do need to learn the program. with the app, I can write in both type and cursive; the latter using the Apple pencil or my finger to scribble – the software converts to type… that’s pretty cool.

it is now 1:30 pm; I looked at my DayONE notes thus far – I haven’t recorded anything since 10:30 am, +/- when my sister arrived – we started a family text chat with her daughter/granddaughters…and then, life got in the way and then, time to join Daily Pages…

so here I sit, at the Mac; Daily Pages have ended and true to my vow to myself last week, I am drafting a post for today. also on my agenda for the rest of the day:

  • send email re: tomorrow’s Recent Reads Zoom session
  • make today’s LOAD entry
  • take out trash for tomorrow’s weekly collection
  • prepare/eat dinner and
  • settle in with a good book or two…

the day’s turning out to be quite lovely: morning clouds have moved on, the sun shines, the temperature is 64 degrees – a perfect invitation for a walk.

on my way !


11 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 5.10.21 …

  1. I love the idea of that project … even did it once! Good luck with the DayONE app – it sounds perfect for this application – and for you! (we had some nasty rainy storms last night … hope they didn’t spoil your day)


  2. This sounds like a delightful documentation, and I especially like your feeling today: comfortable and confident are just great!


  3. I love the Currently list. I hope you were able to respond to that invitation for a walk. Spring is so lovely and I am trying to savor the days.


  4. What a fun week! I hope that dayONE app is exactly what you need! (I love the idea of writing on my iPad… hmm!)

    I am envious of your warmer weather.. it has been downright nasty here!


  5. That’s a great sentiment on your notebook page … And your whole post is brimming with notes of happiness and enjoyment and eagerness – hoping you enjoy WITL, and look forward to hearing (and perhaps seeing?) how it went for you.


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