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Currently, I am participating in the annual May rendition of LOAD – Layout A Day. Our theme this month is The Golden Girls and thus far it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve watched Golden Girls since it first aired in 1985; I suspect I’ve seen all 185 episodes at least ten times but each one is almost always fresh, new and funny! I normally catch a few episodes, aired on the Hallmark Channel, on weekends.

In my last post, I shared a bit about a PiP (project in progress…or not ): knitting the sky. No, I’ve not yet started the project tho’ Thursday morning , I did begin reading the book Knit the Sky on my Kindle. I rarely read ebooks so I’m relearning the platform – which has been updated considerably since the last time I read a Kindle book. Above are the yarns I’ll be using for the project…now, to get started!

And, also in my last post, I shared a picture of Hazel – niece Chris’ labradoodle. Hazel has a new look and I thought she’d be OK with my sharing another photo. She’s such a cutie!

My daily schedule has been drastically changed over the past six months and I’ve too often found myself trying to fit things in the old time frame, only to run out of time and steam! As I was drafting this post, keenly aware that too many days have elapsed since I last posted, I had a bright idea: Usually , M- F, I’m on line during the noon hour, creating daily pages in small 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 journals. I had the bright idea: I’ll use the following 12:45 – 2 PM time slot, give or take 10-15 minutes, to draft, edit, schedule or publish posts as well as attend to other blogging activity: reading and responding to comments, visiting others’ blogs, etc. As I shared earlier, I think this plan is a prime candidate for time blocking… time will tell… and as friend of mine oft said: nothing beats a failure but a try… I’m not quite sure how this will all turn out but I plan to give it a good try. Now if I could only figure out how to use Word Press’ new editor program. I do not at all like it!

Wishing all a great weekend! My niece Kayla – age 20 – got her first Covid-19 vaccination today! Maybe by Memorial Day we’ll be able to have a family gathering…


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  1. Oh boy. Sometimes, life takes everything… I say don’t worry about visiting my blog! Sending you love and joy… and more JOY at Kayla’s first vaccine! YAY!


  2. Cheering from the sidelines for getting ALL of your close family vaccinated! (it’s been a life-changer here … and so unexpected to happen so fast!) … Blogs have taken a backseat for me this past week and I’m hoping to figure out a better rhythm this month. Maybe we can try that together!


  3. I love the yarn for that Knit the Sky project. It looks as if it will fit in well with your 2021 word, Color. Your niece and her puppy are both adorable. It looks as if they dote on each other and that is the way it should be. I’ll be holding a good thought that you can gather – in person – with your family.


  4. Your Knit the Sky project is going to be beautiful. I love when my east coast friends posts later in their day because I am often reading blogs in the afternoon and it is fun to see you pop into. my feed!


  5. Always happy to see you pop up in my Feedly account! I’ve never been able to stick to any kind of schedule for blogging. I try to get one or two in each week. Sometimes there are more—depends on the time I have and if I have anything to share. Glad Kayla has had her first vaccine. All the adults in Tracy’s family are now vaccinated and on Sunday we’ll be together for the first time since Christmas 2019. That just seems amazing to me.


  6. I hope everyone gets their shots soon so you can all be together — it’s been such an joy to see family again and not worried about putting anyone at risk!

    I always enjoy reading your updates, but I know that your days are busy and sometimes there are things more important than updating the blog.


  7. I am always so happy to see your posts come up. It is a highlight to my day. Your photos are always beautiful. Every time I look up at the sky I think of you. Keep looking up!


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