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thinking & giving some serious thought to the concept of time blocking. I’ve been toying around with the idea for a goodly while but just have not given it a whirl! This blog post does a basically good job of describing how it works. Have you tried this concept? If so, are you using any special tools or apps? I’d be delighted to learn of your experiences.

inspired by last night’s spectacular sunset – little did I expect it to be a preview of this morning’s sky. I awoke during the AM golden hour – the sky, a rosy glow, was a study, changing from rose to morning ‘s glow to grey to its current state of cloudy. Several months ago, I discovered a knitting project that captures the colors of the sky. I “shopped” my stash and found some yarn that would be perfect for the project; I just needed more. I called the company – a family owned/located in Maine – and had a lovely chat with the owner who, intrigued with the project, offered to dye the colors of yarn I was missing. She did. The yarn arrived. It waits for me to begin… but first I need to read the book the creator of this technique wrote. I haven’t because I forget it’s on Kindle and reading ebooks are kindof not on my radar. The solution: Put this on my time block task list…

fun: This is my niece Chris’s poochie – Hazel. Apparently the chair she’s on is a series of sculptures , created for this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, scattered around Washington DC. I shared one in front of my local library on this post. I didn’t know there was a series until I did a little research…

Have a great weekend! It’s Spring!


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  1. Something tells me that time blocking might not be for me! No matter when you start your new project, I would love it if you wanted to share your sky-dyed yarn. I am imagining all sorts of lovely hues!


  2. I haven’t time blocked my whole day but I have tried to set up times most days for a few things. I am a morning person so it helps to get the house stuff done early. And I lose my energy about 3 pm so I have set that time aside for low energy things which actually includes sewing and reading. Now that the weather is changing and outdoor time is important to me, I will likely try to keep a few hours between house stuff and lunch for gardening and walking. As I type this, I realize that I should put it on my calendar to see what it looks like. Maybe on my ipad calendar so I will get reminders. Love the way this post has made me think


  3. I’ve used a time blocking system for several years. Probably not quite as intense as the one described in your link. I’ll email you about it. Beautiful sky—we had one here in West Virginia tonight with a great view of it from our hotel window.


  4. Those painted flowers are such a fun way to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms! I do a very casual bit of time blocking in the mornings … most days my scheduled activities are all over the place, so it’s hard for me to find good routines except before 8am.


  5. What a beautiful photo. I am intrigued by your knitting/yarn project. Keep us posted but only if you like. I hope to see those Cherry Blossoms some day. My routine is to be at my desk in the morning when possible. Chores and errands and other activities in the afternoon. Once I retired, I vowed to make time for writing and I have been able to do that.


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