simply a moment | 4.15.21 …

7:20 am

Morning. Quiet. Silence! Save for the always-on sounds of house creaks, static electricity, and a motor…from where? Ah, the refrigerator. Stopped. The furnace kicks on…it’s that cool?, I think out loud. A quick check of the temperature shows it’s 54 degrees F…

Time to replenish my tea, read a bit and figure out what’s on today’s agenda. Pleased that I’ve made more progress with bashing the stash in my craft room since last week Thursday. I now know what’s here and where. My goal is to move out the excess by May 1 — hoping I can locate places that will accept donations.

4:15 pm

I just returned from a brisk walk on a very windy but lovely spring day…flowers are blossoming everywhere and I see that my azalea bush – which has its own bloomin’ schedule – is putting forth blooms. My neighbor’s irises are plentiful and beautiful.

I realized today that I’d not written a simply a moment post in quite some months…understandable, since my days over this past year have truly been upside down. Today was a good one to resurrect the practice …and to share the lovely, colorful flowers I saw on my walk.

11 thoughts on “simply a moment | 4.15.21 …

  1. Beautiful flowers! Love the reds and yellows together. We’re experiencing one of the earliest springs I can remember–at least a month earlier than last year. The magnolias were at peak last Saturday when we walked through the park. It’s rained all day for several days since so I’m glad we saw them when we did,


  2. I am so glad you shared these two moments in your day … love that you are “bashing your stash” 😉 and seeing and sharing photos of the lovely spring. Ours wasn’t early this year (I think maybe it was even a little late?) and it’s one of the prettiest we’ve had in years. I love that Nature is looking out for us and treating us to such a lovely show after a year of staying home.


  3. It’s so nice to see so many flowers in bloom there in your corner of the world! It gives me something to look forward here . . . Thanks for sharing your day.


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