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Thinking & Grateful for this truly grand and delightful Spring day! The temperature a delicious 79 degrees; the sun shines and a gentle breeze flows, caresses. Everywhere one looks, trees are budding, blossoming and bright, colorful flowers bring a smile to my face. People, including me, walk slowly, wanting to soak in and prolong this delightful day despite still having to wear face masks…

Inspired by the spring flowers, the sky and clouds, I spent some time pouring over and through my fabrics, ten plus years of accumulation (tho’ no time at all compared to many quilters) selecting colors and designs for my Confetti quilt. Each fabric I select tells a story of my quilting journey. During this pandemic, that journey totally stopped in its tracks; I welcome the rejuvenation of this creative endeavor.


IMG_2271Fun: This colorful chair sits outside the library. I believe it’s made of concrete. The next time I walk by,  (the library is open on a limited basis and I always manage to go there when closed ) I’ll touch to see …

Here’s to a gentle and delightful Spring weekend for us all. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “tgif | 3.26|21 …

  1. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing your chosen fabric and your Confetti quilt as it develops. That chair is certainly eye-catching! Maybe not the most comfortable if it is concrete, but certainly colorful. Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Another beautiful Spring photo. Is Spring early in DC this year or is this the usual time for the blooming trees? It’s been years since I’ve visited DC. I’d love to visit some Spring when the trees are in bloom.


  3. That is a fantastic chair — looks like a great place to sit with a good book! I have noticed that the world has seemed like a slightly happier place the past week or so as the sun has been warmer and flowers are starting to bloom.

    Can’t wait to see your quilt fabrics!


  4. LOVE those colors! we haven’t seen much sun lately and my next “blue sky blooms” might well be green leaves. I’m so looking forward to the reveal(s) of your confetti quilt. living vicariously, as usual 🙂


  5. That’s a blast of eye-watering colour on that chair! Glorious as it is in its vibrancy, my heart is with your blue sky and pink blossom … You sound energised about the quilting – so good to hear.


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