one little word | 3.30.21 …

“it’s OK to show all your colors” ~ Luis Guzman

A sampling of the colorful items in my craft studio ~

Today is sunny, perhaps a tad cooler than yesterday but lovely, all the same. Mother Nature continues to amaze; flowers, trees, the sky are a cacophony of colors. Throughout the house, especially in my craft and sewing studios, bits, pieces, dabbles of color grab my eye. I’ve come to realize that color has always been a central part of my life, ever since the yellow dress with green Daschund buttons I wore in the second grade… a long time ago.

Watching Spring’s sunrise and mornings unfold have been a colorful treat. My words are also colorful – sometimes, not so repeatable. Oh well, c’est la vie. I write on paper that has a colorful striped border. My life’s domains are loosely arranged by color:

  • red – STOP – important things to do
  • orange – household/life chores and tasks
  • yellow – Honoré /moi and my life’s stories; my TBR, etc…
  • green – $$ expenses/money matters
  • blue – Norman’s color (boy = blue?!)
  • violet – notes/ideas for the blog
  • white/black – planning, notes, etc

I’m really delighted with my 2021 word; I think it’s just the perfect choice for these still very much challenging times. Joining Carolyn and others for the March One Little Word update.

14 thoughts on “one little word | 3.30.21 …

  1. I am also delighted by your word and by all the pretty colors. You are such a great photographer, capturing one beautiful colorful scene after another. Now I am thinking of some television jingle from the late 50’s – “the world is a ______ of color, wonderful color.” Of course I can’t think of the word that goes in the blank. Was it Carousel of color?


  2. I have to tell you that when I think of you, I think of color. It’s such a part of your life, and I so enjoy seeing how you play with it and put colors together!


  3. The photos you’ve had at the top of your OLW posts bring me so much JOY! It’s hard not to feel happy when you see all that color dancing together!


  4. That photo!! and I love how the colors mean different things. I just started rotating “spring” pens – red, orange, pink, blue, green, and wow! does seeing all that color make me happy!


  5. Your post bursts with color, and finally the world is beginning to show some color here in the northeast. Our daffodils are blooming and we’ve planted violas in our front circle—purples, yellows, pinks, bright white. Every time I look out the window I smile. When I think of you and color, the first thing that comes to mind are your beautiful quilts!


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