thursday 3 | 3.25.21 …

~Pink is the color of Spring ~

It has been cloudy today; yesterday was all rain … but the nice thing about Spring is the budding and blossoming of flowers and trees. Always a welcomed sight and a boost to one’s morale, especially on a rainy day.

My week began with a fairly empty calendar – no medical appointments for us. Wonderful. And because Monday was sunny, warm, I took my car for a much needed interior cleaning and exterior wash. An item that had been on my “let’s do this” list far too long! I’d forgotten that a car wash was just about 4 blocks away; that was a nice perk.

I finished Hamnet Tuesday evening. Such a wonderful book. I continue to think about it; it has been a long time since I read any or about Shakespeare. I have a huge tome of his works so I think I’ll revisit Hamlet.

I’m on the threshold of starting the Confetti Quilt; the background fabric arrived – I was a half yard shy; my mistake. Today, I ordered more. As Bonnie, I’ve an errant sock that put the brakes on my knitting so I’ve added it back to the stitching queue. One thing’s for sure, I won’t be running out of stitching projects any time soon.

And – drum roll please: A shout out to my grand niece Dolly! Sunday she celebrated her 35th birthday! I can’t begin to wrap my head around that! Seems that just yesterday she was a little baby. Now she’s the mom of two boys, ages 3.5 and soon to be 7 in June.

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday.

12 thoughts on “thursday 3 | 3.25.21 …

  1. Those pink trees (cherry blossoms?) are just beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed Hamnet; it was one of my favorite books over the past year. Happy Birthday to Dolly, and be careful with picking up errant socks. I’ve just ordered yarn for another pair! 🙂


  2. LOL – Bonny’s comment about ordering more sock yarn … they CAN be addictive! and a I’m so looking forward to seeing more of your Confetti Quilt. Seems like the perfect project for someone who’s been “playing around” with fabric for so many years. and Happy Birthday Dolly!! It’s wonderful to have each other (and those little boys) in your lives!


  3. How fun to see a post from you. Sounds like a good week. I know that extra fabric will come quickly this time around. It is going to be such a fun project.


  4. Oh, those pink trees are lovely! And Hamnet is such a wonderful read, I still think about it often. Happy Birthday to Dolly!


  5. I hope your sock yarn matches those gorgeous trees! Pink socks seem so springy to me! 🙂

    I hope you have a happy weekend and Happy Birthday to Dolly!!


  6. THOSE TREES! What a treat! I’m so glad you enjoyed Hamnet. I thought it was just fabulous. And isn’t it amazing . . . how quickly “kids” grow up? (I can’t believe those boys are already that old . . . hoo-boy! Time really does fly by.) XO


  7. Those cherry blossom trees are beautiful! Yay! spring is here. Happy Birthday to Dolly. Hamlet just came in to the library for me to pick up. So it is next up. I am finishing up The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purcell, both of which are excellent. Can’t wait to see more on your fun, confetti quilt. Stay well, 🤗 hugs


  8. I remember seeing those beautiful cherry trees when I was in Washington. Nothing blooming here, but things are beginning to peek out of the ground. I was happy to read about Hamlet; it’s been on my radar for awhile.


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