it’s thursday !| 3.4.21 …

…and as I begin to pen this post, also 4:45 pm, EST. I have had great intentions to post every day this first week of March – as they say: “life gets in the way of one’s plans…” Seems that my plans and better intentions are waylaid by unplanned events, e.g., today: I wound up making a grocery store run; fortunately, it took me about 75 minutes, portal to portal. And then, the next thing I know the day’s over and I’ve not written a word let alone a post. Oh well, I tell myself: “there’s always tomorrow.” Oh really?

Fortunately I’ve managed to carve out a 45-60 minutes block at noon, most days of the week to make a Daily Page, to play with cardstock, rubber stamps, washi tape, watercolors, etc on a 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 canvas along with people from all over the globe – also under COVID-19 restrictions. Thus far this week, I’ve also walked outside at least 20 minutes a day!!! I owe Mother Nature a huge thanks – she’s certainly brought us the weather that encourages such activity. The forecast for Sunday is very promising, too – maybe a walk to Franciscan Monastery? Weather permitting.

I am about to begin The Confetti Quilt Stitch Along. I alluded to it in my post last Thurs. Currently, I am waiting for my background fabric, on order from a shop in Texas – I think they’re back in business after all the turmoil with water and electrical grid … I am especially excited because I’ve not done any quilting since the beginning of COVID-19 …

On the reading front: I commented on Mary’s blog post for today: “Fun post AND I think “I’ll borrow a page from your book” -pun intended ( clever – hah!): since I have yet to connect to my/a year-long read, I’ll read fiction in the morning, also! Duh! What took me so long to figure that out?!
Thanks friend for waking up a few sleepy brain cells…

The neat thing about this bright idea is I have lots of fiction titles awaiting my read – I don’t read much fiction and have been aiming to change that but have not had much success I think this will definitely work! Stay tuned.

Finally, I am pleased to report that soon both Norman and I will be among the 100 million who will have received their Covid-19 vaccination during POTUS 46’s First 100 Days!

Have a good weekend!


8 thoughts on “it’s thursday !| 3.4.21 …

  1. So excited for you to have your immunity!!! I went on a huge Fiction run in the80s and then again before 9/11. If you want any ideas, I can suggest a few. Some books are just so timeless they delight me and intrigue me , and sometimes I read them twice! Not many. But there have been a few!

    I think it is fun to switch genres. Al was reading super books on the read list and was up on all the latest. For the las year….however, she reads trashy novels and loves them. Ah that girl!


  2. Delighted to see you’ve both had the first of your vaccinations – great news! (and on my birthday too!). Hopefully it will give you a greater sense of security when you’re out and about; and getting outside daily is such a boost for the brain and body. Your quilt project looks fascinating, and you have always created such pretty designs before. My spirits always lift when I see the one in your header. Wishing you success with the fiction reading. I have a pile too, but somehow I never feel it’s ‘right’ to read fiction in the daytime and always do it at night when I get to bed – except I never get more than a few pages read before I fall asleep!


  3. That quilt looks like something even I could do! Should be a lot of fun and a great way to use up bits and pieces. I am also delighted that you and Norman are both getting your vaccines! My parents will both be fully vaccinated by the end of next week and it’s such a huge relief.


  4. oh my, I am SO HAPPY! you’re getting vaccinated! I think it would be fun for us to switch places – so I could sew a quilt … and you could read – and LOVE – a book of fiction!
    I finished listening to Dust Tracks on a Road this morning (extra long treadmill time, which my body appreciated!) – it was “performed” by Bahni Turpin (I put performed in quotes because yes, it was a performance … narration is way too simple to describe what this was) and it was amazing. and as soon as I finished, I put the book on hold to check out a few things from the “extra material” at the end. I have a feeling this will be a book I need to own. AND I say all this because the book read like fiction. and I’m pretty sure parts of it are totally fiction. and yet, they’re true. just a suggestion 😉


  5. I am so happy you were able to get your first vaccine. I know exactly what you mean about days evaporating into thin air. The cold cold days turned me into a slug. I surely am enjoying walking in the sunshine. Great quilt project. I have one languishing on my work table downstairs.


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