3 hashtags in 2021…

#walk 20 in 21 … is the hashtag Gretchen Rubin created to encourage followers to walk 20 minutes daily. You can even download a tracker . Yesterday, I took a later than usual afternoon walk , about 5 PM. The weather was perfect – 67 degrees. My usual 25 minutes stretched to 52 min, I walked 1.36 miles round trip and was greeted by an abundance of lovely flowers. Spring has been cooler and certainly very colorful: vibrant greens in the trees; blue, white and gray clouds; and flowers – vivid colors of pinks and purples with touches of yellows…

#read 21 in 21 … another hashtag from Gretchen & Liz invites listeners to read at least 21 minutes, daily. There are days when I wish I could do nothing but read but that’s just not possible, durn it. Currently, I’m revisiting several older non-fiction titles in my collection, working (a relative term; IRL it means thinking about) on Summer Book Bingo; and waiting for Stacy Abrams new fiction title, While Justice Sleeps, to arrive and a library reserve : The Great Circle; the last I checked, there were 67 readers ahead of me… And finally,

#21 for 2021 … also created by Gretchen, replaces new year’s resolutions. In short, a “list of 21 concrete things one wants to accomplish by year’s end .” I’m still working on my list – it’s in a general state of revision and flux; the latter as new things – the dandelions – crop up in life. Currently, on my list are the two hashtags described above and

  • Make the Confetti Quilt and finish 3 other quilting projects
  • Finish 3 knitting projects
  • Finish clearing out the garage and basement storage area
  • Complete stash bashing craft and sewing projects and supplies
  • Practice watercoloring
  • Get new eyeglasses (and eye doctor)

Right now, it’s time for me to finish this post and have a bite to eat. The clock moves on and as my mother was fond of sayin’, “time’s awastin’ kiddie.”

Joining Carole and friends for Thursday Three.


7 thoughts on “3 hashtags in 2021…

  1. It’s so easy to stretch that walking time out when it’s beautiful outside, isn’t it? Lately I’ve been walking a bit more than a hour a day, and I’ve been tempted to be out even longer (though I have a feeling the folks at work would not appreciate me disappearing for that long). I’ll be cheering you on from here to complete all the items on your to-do list for the year!


  2. Such rich colouring and pretty patterning on those irises – seeing such lovely things must make walking a delight. Interesting hashtags, and hoping you get to complete your projects; I have several of the ‘clearing out’ kind on my mind for this year too.


  3. What beautiful iris. I am enjoying all the colors of iris blooming in my neighborhood. I like the 21 list of things for 21. I might consider that next year or maybe it is not too late for this year. Enjoy your walks and time to read.


  4. Your irises are ahead of ours! WE have a few weeks left. I love reading your 21 for 21. They give me good ideas.
    Im glad your walk was so lovely it stretched out Honore!


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