sometimes mondays | 5.17.21

Tho’ the morning began @ circa 6 am, I was almost wide awake and looked forward to the quiet start of a new day, a new week. Last week I participated in week in the life – using the DayONE app on my iPhone and iPad. And tho’ I don’t do QWERTY ( aka “I don’t type” ), I found doing my morning journaling in the app was indeed a good method for practicing and improving my typing…now, if I can only learn the QWERTY row on the keyboard, perhaps I will break myself of the habit of typing oyu for you. Mornings, my journaling is generally an overview of daily plans, etc. I’m also trying to decide if/how to meld the analog and digital systems: I still intend to hand journal – perhaps close out the day by hand… something to ponder.

Before the air fryer…

We have several new toys, er uh, tools in the house… one is an air fryer. A week ago this past Friday, our oven died. Replacing the oven is more than a notion so we/ I decided to try an air fryer. Saturday, the cook, moi, attempted to bake chicken tenders …they were tasty but fried to a crisp! – aka tough. Of course I will give the chicken tenders another try … or perhaps return the air fryer oven. To be continued… the jury is still out. Any and all tips are welcomed!

Here’s to a good week!


9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 5.17.21

  1. No tips about the air fryer. My son and DIL have one and they love it. I’ll ask if they’ve tried chicken tenders. I’m guessing the girls would want breaded one which might change the outcome. I was there one afternoon when “fried” mozzarella sticks were being made, They were excellent—but definitely not on my “diet.” I still journal by hand — usually every night before I turn in,


  2. I don’t know anything about air fryers. I hate to admit this is the first time I’ve heard of them. I used to close out my day with a short list in a small journal – Four good things about today. It was a good way to let go of the day. Then it fell by the way side. Thanks for reminding me. I am going to try and pick it up again.


  3. No air fryer advice here, I’m afraid. 🙂 I’d like to hear more about your digital/analog journaling combinations. I mostly just do analog “stuff” when it comes to journaling, so I’m always interested in how other folks manage their balance with all the toys and tools that are out there in the world.


  4. I have no advice on the air fryer, but I’m sure there are some great food blogs out there that will have lots of tips!

    For what it’s worth, I am much faster with typing, but I still won’t give up writing things by hand, especially for my daily journaling. Having the pen in my hand is part of the experience.


  5. Gosh, I am informed today, reading your blog, Honoré – I’ve never heard of an air-fryer. Hoping you manage to find your way with it, or return to something familiar which you know works well. We have a Remoska which keeps things moist as they cook and I wouldn’t be without it . Looking forward to hearing how you do your WITL – I’m enjoying doing more handwriting but it’s not as quick as digital, funnily enough!


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