simply a moment | 7.15.21 …

2:22 pm: I’m having a hard time grasping the idea – well, no – the reality – that today is Thursday and the week is better than half over! As is almost the month! And also, if one follows the meteorological calendar, summer, June 1 – August 31, is almost half over. YAY! Bring on autumn! Already, there is evidence of the changing season: crepe myrtle and day lilies are in full bloom; oak and birch leaves, especially those that are closer to the sky are turning brown and falling and: It is HOT!

This morning, since today is simply a moment, I resumed capturing a few moments, written by hand. Over the past 4-5 weeks, since about June 11, I’ve opted to journal using the app DayONE. It’s pretty cool, is a good way for me to practice qwerty (aka typing) and syncs across all my iTools/Toys: the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Not only that, the app keeps track of streaks- today is my 35th day of at least opening the app and adding a word or two. But

… I have been missing writing by hand – after all, one doesn’t just quit a nearly quarter century (24+ years ) habit like so… I know there are a lot of factors, er uh, Covid for starters, that have played into my dis-ease with my MSQT journaling. Today, though, I’ve felt very comfortable bouncing between the two platforms. Yes! there is room in my life for both and then some. I think/know that I will spend the next weeks over this summer exploring and creating a practice that works for and with me. Stay tuned.

I invite you to join me in capturing the moments of your life: the ordinary as well as the special. And if you do and choose to blog , please share your post’s link in the comments.


sometimes mondays | 5.17.21

Tho’ the morning began @ circa 6 am, I was almost wide awake and looked forward to the quiet start of a new day, a new week. Last week I participated in week in the life – using the DayONE app on my iPhone and iPad. And tho’ I don’t do QWERTY ( aka “I don’t type” ), I found doing my morning journaling in the app was indeed a good method for practicing and improving my typing…now, if I can only learn the QWERTY row on the keyboard, perhaps I will break myself of the habit of typing oyu for you. Mornings, my journaling is generally an overview of daily plans, etc. I’m also trying to decide if/how to meld the analog and digital systems: I still intend to hand journal – perhaps close out the day by hand… something to ponder.

Before the air fryer…

We have several new toys, er uh, tools in the house… one is an air fryer. A week ago this past Friday, our oven died. Replacing the oven is more than a notion so we/ I decided to try an air fryer. Saturday, the cook, moi, attempted to bake chicken tenders …they were tasty but fried to a crisp! – aka tough. Of course I will give the chicken tenders another try … or perhaps return the air fryer oven. To be continued… the jury is still out. Any and all tips are welcomed!

Here’s to a good week!


sometimes mondays | 5.10.21 …

today begins Ali Edwards’ (at least annual ) Week in the Life documentation of one’s daily life. the week always starts with a big bang, lots of excitement and determination to see the project through with the same intensity at the end – sunday – as one began the previous monday. this year, I decided to use the DayONE app to document my days; it’s available on all my iTools : Mac; iPhone and iPad … and I really do need to learn the program. with the app, I can write in both type and cursive; the latter using the Apple pencil or my finger to scribble – the software converts to type… that’s pretty cool.

it is now 1:30 pm; I looked at my DayONE notes thus far – I haven’t recorded anything since 10:30 am, +/- when my sister arrived – we started a family text chat with her daughter/granddaughters…and then, life got in the way and then, time to join Daily Pages…

so here I sit, at the Mac; Daily Pages have ended and true to my vow to myself last week, I am drafting a post for today. also on my agenda for the rest of the day:

  • send email re: tomorrow’s Recent Reads Zoom session
  • make today’s LOAD entry
  • take out trash for tomorrow’s weekly collection
  • prepare/eat dinner and
  • settle in with a good book or two…

the day’s turning out to be quite lovely: morning clouds have moved on, the sun shines, the temperature is 64 degrees – a perfect invitation for a walk.

on my way !


simply a moment | 6.15.20…

~this morning about 7 am~
I promised myself that I’d resume the practice of writing about the  moment on the 15th of the month – a practice I cultivated for 4 or so  years. Why I stopped, I really can’t  say. This morning I wrote a draft in the DayONE app on my iPad, fully expecting it to appear (aka sync) on my desktop. Dinna happen. So at 6:15 PM this evening, I was pre-occupied trying to figure out why not and what to do next…answers that I yet do not have…
In previous Simply A Moment entries, I aimed to capture the moment in time that corresponded to the date: 3:15 pm at 3/15  or 6:15 am or pm  on 6/15.
This morning, at 6:15 am, tho’ I was awake and up, I’d completely forgotten that today was the 15th and therefore, called for this post. At 7:17 am, waiting for my tea to cool, I realized that my body clock was still operating on regular time and 7:17 am, DST, was close enough. And thus I wrote, in DayONE on my iPad:
My tea has cooled. I am settled in at the table. There is a very perceptible breeze. More traffic is visible on the Avenue – Rhode Island Avenue (aka as US Route 1) – tho’ not nearly as heavy at this time of day, pre Covid-19  and despite the fact that some of stay at home orders in the DMV area have been lifted.
It is now 7:48 am and at 8:30, Mindful Monday begins. This practice, my first Zoom session of this week 25 in the year 2020. Led by Jamie Ridler, creator/hostess of the Journal Cub – on summer vacation – Mindful Monday is the time for focusing on the week’s: goals, plans, activities, musts and wants – with more emphasis on wants.  During the session’s 45 minutes, we 
  • reprise the previous week
  • journal
  • plan and choose a touchstone and one thing to focus on during the week.

My idea, not yet a plan, is to use DayONE twice a day, in the morning and evening, between the 6 -8 AM and PM hours, to document my day/s, using a hybrid approach – combining analog + digital script…for I can now also use the Apple pen in DayONE on the iPad!  I’m hoping this will be an interesting experiment. Stay tuned…

And now, I shall move on to the PM agenda: back to joining blocks on my Log Cabin 9 Patch lap robe using the 3-Needle Bindoff technique…