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2:22 pm: I’m having a hard time grasping the idea – well, no – the reality – that today is Thursday and the week is better than half over! As is almost the month! And also, if one follows the meteorological calendar, summer, June 1 – August 31, is almost half over. YAY! Bring on autumn! Already, there is evidence of the changing season: crepe myrtle and day lilies are in full bloom; oak and birch leaves, especially those that are closer to the sky are turning brown and falling and: It is HOT!

This morning, since today is simply a moment, I resumed capturing a few moments, written by hand. Over the past 4-5 weeks, since about June 11, I’ve opted to journal using the app DayONE. It’s pretty cool, is a good way for me to practice qwerty (aka typing) and syncs across all my iTools/Toys: the Mac, iPad and iPhone. Not only that, the app keeps track of streaks- today is my 35th day of at least opening the app and adding a word or two. But

… I have been missing writing by hand – after all, one doesn’t just quit a nearly quarter century (24+ years ) habit like so… I know there are a lot of factors, er uh, Covid for starters, that have played into my dis-ease with my MSQT journaling. Today, though, I’ve felt very comfortable bouncing between the two platforms. Yes! there is room in my life for both and then some. I think/know that I will spend the next weeks over this summer exploring and creating a practice that works for and with me. Stay tuned.

I invite you to join me in capturing the moments of your life: the ordinary as well as the special. And if you do and choose to blog , please share your post’s link in the comments.


8 thoughts on “simply a moment | 7.15.21 …

  1. I always write my journal entries – ink on paper. and now my book journal, too. There is something so personal about seeing my writing on those pages. (sometimes, though, it’s hard to read!)


  2. I wrote today’s date on something and thought – half way through summer. Goodness. I look forward to hearing about your journaling. I enjoy writing with ink in a carefully chosen journal. Like Mary my writing can be hard to read. Maybe there are moments when that is for the best. Stay cool.


  3. I’m having difficulty accepting that July is half over. Having been away from home nearly the whole time, everything is off kilter–not helped by having a window in our kitchen replaced, and our stone steps being repaired. I’m usually quite good about journaling while I’m traveling. This time–not. one. word. High on the list for the weekend is to do a summary journaling; there’s lots to record!


  4. I have always been faster at typing but always write my journal entries by hand. It seems more permanent that way (you can’t just delete handwriting!). Like you, I’ve been noticing some signs that fall is coming — bark coming off the big trees down the street, some leaves starting to change color just a bit — and as much as I will miss the long days of summer, I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to the heat and humidity!


  5. I write by hand as well… there is something that encourages me to slow down, gather my thoughts, and preserve them on paper. (like Sarah, I am a speedy typist which sometimes does not allow for slowing down or gathering much of anything, lol)

    I love these posts so much! 🙂


  6. Honore, Good for you they don’t have to be exclusive. You can do both!
    I use the blog as my format for a diary or such. As you know, that’s all typing.
    My lists are always in cursive !


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