sometimes mondays| 7.19.21 …


… Shortly after noon Saturday, about 12:30 pm, I looked out the window (over the kitchen sink) and gasped: I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a cloud such as this! T’was just incredible and made a wonderful backdrop for the crepe myrtle tree in a neighbor’s yard.

…Today we’ve not been gifted with such a lovely and different sky and it’s a tad bit (aka a whole lot) h-o-t! Fortunately there is a bit o’ a breeze that helps a lot. I’m in a lazy + organizing (sort of) mood:

busy one hour sorting papers;

jotting down ideas;

making this week’s daily to do lists;

vacillating between doing a little or nuttin’ much at all;

taking a few moments to chat with my niece about her plans for her last two years of undergraduate school.

It’s nearly 5 PM; guess it’s time to move on and continue with this day’s agenda; soon it’ll be dinnertime. Where does the time go?

Until we meet again, have a good week …


12 thoughts on “sometimes mondays| 7.19.21 …

  1. Haven’t seen any blue skies since Thursday … I think you’re about to get swallowed up in rain (sorry). I love reading about the bits and pieces of your day!


  2. Wow! That sky is amazing! We have had hints of slightly cooler mornings here spurring dreams of fall! (not that I am rushing summer, but in 2 weeks we will be in Michigan for a long overdue visit! I.can’t.wait!!!)


  3. I’m so glad you were able to capture that stunning cloud! So often I spot beautiful things out in nature when I’m on my daily walk, but I rarely stop to snap a photo (mostly because I’m usually on a tight schedule to get back home).


  4. An amazing photograph! I need that kind of cloud formation for the summer photography scavenger hunt I’m doing.


  5. What a beautiful photo and cloud. I love your simply a moment or sometimes Monday posts. Your words capture and convey a little slice from your days. Have a good week and stay cool.


  6. That is indeed an amazingly tall and very voluminouscloud – did you have a storm later on? I like the contrast with the red flowers/foliage (?) below … and enjoyed the little peek into your very hot day. We’ve had a fortnight of hot (for us, 82F) weather, and doing nothing seemed like a perfect choice most afternoons – though looking after a little two-year old bundle of energy didn’t make that very possible!


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