today, we had a break in the weather AND  I took my first walk in almost a week.  It’s just been too durn hot; weather not fit for man or beast – tho’ I see plenty of dogs and their owners out for strolls, primarily in the early morning or evening.  My normal walking path is to and through the park; round trip I clock a bit over a mile.

today, the park was pretty quiet – no children on the swings or jungle gyms, etc.  They were probably all at the pool! On an errand Tuesday, I drove by the park and was surprised to see the pool was open!

today, I was also delighted to see a new reading bench in the park!  Wished I had  a journal + pen with me  (actually I  did – on my iPhone – but that’s just not the same as feeling /seeing a pen glide across a page).  The new bench will no doubt be very popular; hopefully, I’ll get a chance soon to give the new bench a test run.  Note to Self:  Carry a pen and small paper pad or index cards. Wish there were a few more benches scattered throughout the park.

today I’m having all sorts of problems with Word Press so I’ll bring this post to a close and hope that I can get the issue resolved on Monday. Apparently “helpers” have the weekends off!

have a good weekend.


13 thoughts on “today|…

  1. I pass a few benches on my walks and I’m always thinking I’d like to stop … I now carry my phone in a little waist pouch and I’ll bet I could fit in a pen and a few index cards. Thank you for the wonderful idea! (and I sure hope the WP gurus can help you tomorrow … ugh!)


  2. That bench is beautiful and looks quite inviting. I’m glad the weather cooperated so you could walk. We finally had a little rain early Saturday morning and a slight cool down. However the smoke from the wildfires in the west give us poor air quality. I hope to get out tomorrow morning and I won’t forget the index cards and pencil.


  3. What a lovely bench! I’ve never seen one like that before, and I’d love to give it a “sit.” I hope the weather cooperates, and you’re able to get out for your walk more comfortably in the days ahead.


  4. we took two walks last week and I hope to get three in this week before it gets blazing hot again. I don’t want to wish summer away but I do wish for cooler weather so I am in comfort!!


  5. Hopefully as we move towards Autumn, you’ll be able to sit on this lovely seat and write … I could see a series of selfies of you on here across the months to come.


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