TGIF| welcome March 2019…


(selfie taken 1 march 2012 ~ pre iPhone days! )*

Thankful: Yesterday, Thursday, the last day of February, I’d fully intended to post…our WIFI had other thoughts. Shortly before noon service was restored, thankfully  – but by then, we had to leave for Norman’s doctors’ appointments.  He was given a clean bill of health – for which we are both thankful and that his next appointment isn’t until April. 

Goodness: It always amuses me that Feb and March calendar days usually follow same pattern, e.g.,

  • Feb began on a Fri and so does March this year;
  • it snowed Feb 1 and it’s snowed today, March 1…

Rumor had it that Phil (as in groundhog) predicted early spring…not if March continues to mimic February, just sayin.’

Inspiration: This morning found me organizing my March life and wrapping up February. My notes and thoughts and to-do lists are all over the place – in this journal, that notebook, those scraps of paper. Been here! Done that! Oh sooooo many times before – grrrr! This month, DETERMINED. to. ELIMINATE. this. BAD. HABIT! My beacon? Gretchen Rubin! Her new book Outer Order Inner Calm is published on Monday and YES! I have pre-ordered. In 2015, at the end of March I attended her book tour : Better Than Before, a prequel to this newest book. The best thing: She finishes her book tour here in Washington DC, March 28. YES! I have a ticket…

Feeling: Confident; Calm; Productive; Relaxed; Determined; and excited to live the month of March, focusing on my word: Habit. I’ve lots of ideas and incentives. Stay tuned!

Have a good weekend – and hopefully a sunny one! We’re scheduled for rain!


*  I believe then I was thinking about growing my hair; that was short-lived!

TGIF | 2.22.19 …



out with the new/in with the old! Source: American Heritage Dictionary. 2nd College Edition. Houghton Mifflin, © 1982.

Thinking: There are some things that just cannot be replaced. This morning, I was thinking about words that begin with the letter ” T” and consulted my online dictionary of choice – only to find out the format/page view has been totally changed, primarily to accommodate ads. Phooey! Guess that ends that relationship! I am very.tired. of ads! Aren’t you? So, I pulled out my old trusty printed on paper dictionary sans ads and started browsing. Yep! Nothing quite measures up to a printed dictionary, in my book. So glad I still have a paper edition – even if it is from 1982.  And in between the pages, I found some  dried Japanese maple leaves –  filed under “Japanese maple | Jeffersonian.” I kid you not!

a sunny afternoon

Grateful: Yesterday, Thursday, after Wednesday’s snow day, began with schools and government offices on a delayed two-hour start. Later that afternoon, temps in the 50s and bright sunshine beckoned us, “come outside!” I took a walk to and through the neighborhood park, delighted to catch the beginnings of sunset – thinking that in just two weeks, we’ll be on the threshold of Daylight Savings Time … already? I know many people are eager for that day to arrive; I’m not one of them but I shall, no doubt, adjust…


Inspired: Love this photo! Especially Chris wearing his hat backwards –  his signature style –  and Elias’ pose: one knee down and the other up!

the KQ backing…

Fabric: This is the fabric for the quilt backing! The quilt is all assembled and with friend Diane who will do the long-arming! I should probably have it in another week and I’m looking forward to sharing …

Happy Weekend!


sweet poignant memories …



Thinking about Mama: On this date, fifteen years ago, she died. Loss of a loved one, especially a parent, is always with one… but with each passing day, grief and pain yield to comfort, remembering  the little things, that over the years, become treasured memories…

Giving thanks for our lives and the guidance she and my dad gave to both my sister and me, the grands and their children – some who only know her through photos, our stories, our memories…

Inspired and comforted  being in my sewing studio, which was once her bedroom, especially with the sunlight streaming in. Remembering that my first blog – on blogger – was started as a way to remember and honor Mama and to document my stories …

Feeling warm, buoyed, honored and strengthened. Mama ( and Daddy) always treated us with respect, encouraging us to appreciate and be the very best version of ourselves – to learn … Ancora Imparo. I am still learning ~ Michelangelo

About the picture:

  • The grapevine angel holds dried flowers sent to me by my dear friend Kathy when my mother died. I set them on the angel, never expecting the wreath to live this long. I treasure seeing it every day, many times a day…
  • The statue of a weaver was made by my friend Pat’s mother and given to me by Pat – who knew my mother and that she also wove. The postcard photo of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico overlooks the area where my mother’s cremains are buried…
  • The quilted fleur de lis I made in honor of my mother two years ago; I shibori dyed  the fabric and hand stitched the iris.




Thinking:  I’m glad that the weekend is here, I’m tired and it’s only the 4th day of the year/month! I spent yesterday having a lovely IKEA breakfast – all of $3 including coffee (unlimited if purchased before  10 am ) – joined by friend Diane. After eating and catching up, we shopped… I bought some household items I probably didn’t need and stuffed husky dogs for the little boys.  Chris took to his tout de suite; Elias…not so sure… After breakfast, I had a medical appointment with a new ENT doctor. That always takes more time, filling out papers, etc…after, I drove to pick up my sister. By the time I got home, it was about 5:30 pm; I sat down to watch the news and the House proceedings…and found myself glued to the TV for most of the evening. Long story short, I never made it to my computer to post … “first thing tomorrow,” I told myself.

Grateful: Today dawned with great promise. I arose at my usual early hour, 5:30-ish and settled in for an extended MSQT, especially since yesterday’s was somewhat abbreviated (for a good reason). My plan for today included

  • writing an early morning post;
  • taking the tree down and putting away the last remnants of holiday décor;
  • gathering items from the basement and the garage targeted for donation or discard to put in my car;
  • doing a couple loads of laundry.

Inspired: During MSQTI spent a fair amount of time looking at quotes and definitions for my 2019 word…I’d not settled on one. I’ve been contemplating continuing my 2018 word: mindful/mindfulness using it as an umbrella and focusing on several subsidiary words per quarter, sort of like the spokes of an umbrella. After breakfast – cereal and yogurt – I decided to take the tree down and put away the other holiday decorations. Just as I was finishing with the tree, about 11:30 am, my sister arrived. Several hours later, getting ready to take her home (she’d borrowed my car Thurs eve), I couldn’t find my house keys…YET AGAIN! After spending another 20 minutes looking for them, in the house, I gave up. Blame it on the Time Thieves, I told myself…and her. We left; I dropped her off and returned home. About 3:45pm, I put a last load of laundry in the dryer, fixed a snack and for some reason, put my hand in my back left jeans’ pocket*. Dah Dah Dum!

Fun: Guess what I found? I’m almost ashamed to admit: Yep! My keys! So, that settles it: I’ve been toying with the word habit for a while and yes, I am choosing it to be the first spoke of my umbrella. I am too thru with spending time looking for keys. I’ve decided that there are only two places in this house where my keys will reside. .. certainly not my back jeans’ pocket! * And yes, I sat on my keys and no, I never felt them!

Keeping my fingers crossed, practicing mindfulness habits and wishing all a lovely weekend!


TGIF | 12.28.18…



Thinking about:  my to-do list items between now and New Year’s Day; I’m hosting Recent Reads and we’re also celebrating my friend’s New Year’s Day birthday. I need to decide on the menu, though I’ve a pretty good idea of what I’m serving…

Grateful for: a quiet and productive day at home!  The rain came, is still with us as I prepare this post. Neither the crow nor I decided to brave the rain – I opted not to join my friends for the quilt shop outing; there will be another time…

Inspired by: the progress I’m making in my studio purging/organizing and 2019 planning:

  • surfaces are clearer;
  • the picture of what is where is coming into focus;
  • I am feeling settled, more comfortable with what I think will be my 2019 word/s …

Fun: My friend AJ sent the adorable pillow… kinda looks like someone’s dog. I wonder who that someone might be – hmmm.

Enjoy this last weekend of 2018. I’ll return the 31st.