TGIF| welcome March 2019…


(selfie taken 1 march 2012 ~ pre iPhone days! )*

Thankful: Yesterday, Thursday, the last day of February, I’d fully intended to post…our WIFI had other thoughts. Shortly before noon service was restored, thankfully  – but by then, we had to leave for Norman’s doctors’ appointments.  He was given a clean bill of health – for which we are both thankful and that his next appointment isn’t until April. 

Goodness: It always amuses me that Feb and March calendar days usually follow same pattern, e.g.,

  • Feb began on a Fri and so does March this year;
  • it snowed Feb 1 and it’s snowed today, March 1…

Rumor had it that Phil (as in groundhog) predicted early spring…not if March continues to mimic February, just sayin.’

Inspiration: This morning found me organizing my March life and wrapping up February. My notes and thoughts and to-do lists are all over the place – in this journal, that notebook, those scraps of paper. Been here! Done that! Oh sooooo many times before – grrrr! This month, DETERMINED. to. ELIMINATE. this. BAD. HABIT! My beacon? Gretchen Rubin! Her new book Outer Order Inner Calm is published on Monday and YES! I have pre-ordered. In 2015, at the end of March I attended her book tour : Better Than Before, a prequel to this newest book. The best thing: She finishes her book tour here in Washington DC, March 28. YES! I have a ticket…

Feeling: Confident; Calm; Productive; Relaxed; Determined; and excited to live the month of March, focusing on my word: Habit. I’ve lots of ideas and incentives. Stay tuned!

Have a good weekend – and hopefully a sunny one! We’re scheduled for rain!


*  I believe then I was thinking about growing my hair; that was short-lived!

9 thoughts on “TGIF| welcome March 2019…

  1. I like your inspiration and I am profoundly thankful that we managed to talk before your internet was fixed! Have a great weekend!


  2. I often decided I’m going to grow out my hair . . . and then. Well. I don’t. I hope you have a great weekend, Honoré — full of all the things you like best. XO


  3. count me as another one who loves that the dates line up between February and March … but really thankful our weather is more March-like than February-like today!


  4. That’s a lovely photo of you – cleverly captured. Glad to read you are upbeat as February ends and March blows in … Tempted as I am by the book (some of the best reads I’ve learnt about here on your blog, for which many thanks!), I am having a personal-no-buy-year (no books, no clothes, no shoes etc.) but look forward to your review :). And a similar determination here to get a grip on note-keeping!


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