unraveled wednesday | 2.27.19…



On my plans for today : resume stitching this piece that has been languishing  on my design wall for more than a few weeks…more like months (begun end of Sept 2018). Well, it looks like the stitching will be forwarded to tomorrow as I have been parked in front of the tv watching :


Totally unplanned on my part! So, I picked up my log cabin/9-patch lap robe and have been knitting on it since about  10:30 am. Well, you know what they say: “best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley.

It’s now 1:45 pm…not too late to salvage the rest of my day’s agenda! Joining Kat and friends here for today’s tales of unraveling & reading. How’s your day going?









7 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.27.19…

  1. UP way too early to survive without coffee. Drove Hubby to hospital for eeg. He had to stay up till midnight and get up at 0400. He was dead tired and fell right to sleep in the e e g lab lazy boy!


  2. You tackle the most beautiful quilt projects. I sure like the colors of the log cabin project. Cold day but I started it by meeting a friend for breakfast in a little local diner. We had the best time.

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  3. Oh I’m so glad to see that quilt “almost” back in rotation! … I think I was the only one not watching the testimony, but I sure am enjoying reading/seeing about it now 🙂


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