habit quest| february 2019…

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(sunrise  ~ 6:36 am)

Today, Morning Solitude and Quiet Time, extended  beyond noon. T’wasn’t in the plan but it just felt like the right thing to do on this last Tuesday of February.  I was busy reading, thinking and plotting –  focused on  my 2018 word: habit … and also becoming acquainted with the latest iOS for my Apple iPhone and iPad. I am not one to rush to install those upgrades…I usually wait til the kinks are worked out. I took several selfies and looking at them using the “LIVE” feature had me howling. Kinda creepy…but fun! That, however, wasn’t contributing to my focus for the day: zeroing in on [those] daily activities that translate into healthy habits that are good for me and help me fulfill creative urges and experiments.

Not that I’ve not known this for probably all my adult, at least, life: habits are hard to make and break! Be that as it may, I shall press on… and one day, someday, I’ll have succeeded in accomplishing my quest. Watch this space. Are you working on making or breaking a habit?

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16 thoughts on “habit quest| february 2019…

  1. I might be foolish, but I am thinking about a 100-day project. One that includes some quilting!! I have until April to totally jump in, but I thought it might be the perfect creative habit to form!


  2. ha! unlike Kat, I am NOT AT ALL thinking about a 100-day project 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good about my new breakfast habit and not quite sure what might come next.


  3. Oh habits. I am working on adding the habit of meditation to each and every day. I have been writing in the Mindfulness Journal by Catherine Price and loving it. Mine is almost full. I wonder if it would be silly to buy another one.


    1. Congratulations on your Meditation Journal! And yes! Do buy/start another! I start my practice with a 5 min breathing exercise – led by my Apple Watch – but there are many apps out there…while my tea is steeping. Then I do a “free write.”


  4. I’m working on developing a practice of writing a haiku every day. Started on January 1st. So far so good. Wishing everyone well with their attempts.


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