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out with the new/in with the old! Source: American Heritage Dictionary. 2nd College Edition. Houghton Mifflin, © 1982.

Thinking: There are some things that just cannot be replaced. This morning, I was thinking about words that begin with the letter ” T” and consulted my online dictionary of choice – only to find out the format/page view has been totally changed, primarily to accommodate ads. Phooey! Guess that ends that relationship! I am very.tired. of ads! Aren’t you? So, I pulled out my old trusty printed on paper dictionary sans ads and started browsing. Yep! Nothing quite measures up to a printed dictionary, in my book. So glad I still have a paper edition – even if it is from 1982.  And in between the pages, I found some  dried Japanese maple leaves –  filed under “Japanese maple | Jeffersonian.” I kid you not!

a sunny afternoon

Grateful: Yesterday, Thursday, after Wednesday’s snow day, began with schools and government offices on a delayed two-hour start. Later that afternoon, temps in the 50s and bright sunshine beckoned us, “come outside!” I took a walk to and through the neighborhood park, delighted to catch the beginnings of sunset – thinking that in just two weeks, we’ll be on the threshold of Daylight Savings Time … already? I know many people are eager for that day to arrive; I’m not one of them but I shall, no doubt, adjust…


Inspired: Love this photo! Especially Chris wearing his hat backwards –  his signature style –  and Elias’ pose: one knee down and the other up!

the KQ backing…

Fabric: This is the fabric for the quilt backing! The quilt is all assembled and with friend Diane who will do the long-arming! I should probably have it in another week and I’m looking forward to sharing …

Happy Weekend!


6 thoughts on “TGIF | 2.22.19 …

  1. I am a big fan of my hard copy of the American Heritage College Dictionary. Often I stumble on interesting words nearby the definition of another word. I also have an old yellowed paperback copy of a Roget’s Thesaurus that has seen lots of use. That quilt fabric is going to be lovely as a quilt back. And the little boys are just darling. Personalities emerge at young ages and this photo captures that beautifully.


  2. W(L)egos FTW! I guess we won’t know if it’s a boy thing, but I was just happy to be keeping up with Charlie while he assembled. I no longer have any paper dictionaries. and I think I’m becoming immune to the online ads. sigh. …


  3. Those boys! My heart just melts and that picture of them playing together is so beautiful!

    I was likewise “clicking” through the online dictionary today – and like Mary, ad immunity must be a thing.

    And finally… that quilt backing! WOW! LOVE!!!! I can’t wait to see that all put together!


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