unraveled wednesday|a snowy day…



From my journal, 7:42 am: Snowfalls quietly, gently – all around: silence, punctuated by the normal, routine sounds: scratch of my pen gliding across my journal page; a jet plane taking off; an occasional clang of the radiator ~ all are exaggerated, louder, yet quietly so. “Shhh…I’m reading,” my coffee mug, tho’ empty, proclaims. The scent of candle wafts through the air, filling my nostrils and soul. In my left hand, I hold my tea mug – it’s warmth, too, soothes and comforts. My Valentine roses are exceptionally bright, still bringing joy, seven days later and counting…

Currently, 12:15 pm: Snow continues to fall; flakes are the kind that make you want to stick out your tongue and catch. When I was a child, I always imagined spending these kind of “snow days” at some out-of-the-way ski lodge, wrapped in a warm quilt, sitting in front of a roaring fire, reading a book too good to put down. Today is one of those days minus the ski lodge and roaring fire…and tho’ I’ve been reading, more of my energy has been spent looking, writing, thinking, reflecting…interrupted briefly to wash a load of  dish cloths/towels and chat with Norman over breakfast; and catch up with the news, stock market, the snowfall, etc.

He’s now situated in front of his computer and I, mine – tho’ we’re on separate floors. As I type these words, I hear the sound of ice against the window. Early this afternoon, the snow is to turn to mixed snow and sleet; I think, as predicted, it’s beginning to happen.

12:30 pm: Yep, I think the snow has ended…next up “icy rain! ”

Joining Kat and friends for their unraveled wednesday, too.


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|a snowy day…

  1. Beautiful description to your day! The snow here this morning was exceptionally beautiful! It has devolved rain… pouring down rain. I predict today’s beautiful snow will be tomorrows slushy wet mess!


  2. Your early morning words are way more coherent than mine 🙂 especially accounting for the snow. I keep waiting to enjoy a quiet peaceful day of rain, but Marc is non-stop busy/complaining and … I can only hope spring comes soon.


  3. Honore, this is a beautiful peaceful post. I think one of the best things about not chugging out everyday to work is being to enjoy the snowy sleety days at home with a partner and a cup of something warm. Stay warm and safe.


  4. I, too, enjoyed a quiet snow day – knitting, napping, getting some things done, but plenty of relaxing. I could use another day like that – lol.


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