just in case…


Kayla reached a milestone: her 18th birthday on Jan 29. Due to lousy weather, the planned gathering at a restaurant of her choice was postponed. Sunday afternoon, friends and family – including little Chris (Elias and Mama Dolly were sick) finally gathered for Italian food, thankful that earlier predictions for snow, ice, freezing rain, etc did not materialize. That was then…

Today, as I pen this post, we are gearing up for another round of  icy rain and possibly snow. I went to the grocery store to get basics: bananas; eggs; soup n’ salad mixin’; another bag of ice melt… and just in case we’re snowbound: cashews and wine,

If predictions indeed do materialize, we’re ready!


10 thoughts on “just in case…

  1. I’m glad Kayla finally had her celebration. Wishing her a VERY happy year ahead.

    We are in for the wintery mix tomorrow too. We have plenty of provisions and plenty of knitting to keep me busy.


  2. Steve has a snow day today – we have gotten about 4 inches thus far this morning and it is snowing heavily still! All this is supposed to change over to freezing rains before the temps go up. My backyard wetlands should be just lovely, lol!

    And, what a fun outing for Kayla!


  3. Happy birthday, Kayla! I’m so glad she was finally able to celebrate with family! You really have had some nasty winter weather this year, haven’t you???


  4. aw, Happy much belated Birthday to Kayla! Might those be Maggiano’s lemon cookies? they are AWEsome for sending up the best birthday wishes!


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