TGIF | 12.28.18…



Thinking about:  my to-do list items between now and New Year’s Day; I’m hosting Recent Reads and we’re also celebrating my friend’s New Year’s Day birthday. I need to decide on the menu, though I’ve a pretty good idea of what I’m serving…

Grateful for: a quiet and productive day at home!  The rain came, is still with us as I prepare this post. Neither the crow nor I decided to brave the rain – I opted not to join my friends for the quilt shop outing; there will be another time…

Inspired by: the progress I’m making in my studio purging/organizing and 2019 planning:

  • surfaces are clearer;
  • the picture of what is where is coming into focus;
  • I am feeling settled, more comfortable with what I think will be my 2019 word/s …

Fun: My friend AJ sent the adorable pillow… kinda looks like someone’s dog. I wonder who that someone might be – hmmm.

Enjoy this last weekend of 2018. I’ll return the 31st.


7 thoughts on “TGIF | 12.28.18…

  1. I’m glad your day at home was a good thing! how fun that you get to host Recent Reads with a birthday celebration … and how fun is that pillow … slightly longer legs and a pink or purple bow and those dogs could be Holly 🙂


  2. My craft room is looking clean and clear. There’s not time to purge the closet, though, before we head off to Wisconsin for the better part of January. I’m hoping to make good use of those clean surfaces tomorrow to get some cards made! I love that pillow! And I hope you’ll share a bit about the Recent Reads gathering; I’m always interested in the books you and your friends are reading.


  3. Cleaning and clearing here too – clear surfaces make me smile! The arrival of the new eco-vacuum-cleaner to replace the one which spews out one end the little dust it seems to gather at the other, is spurring me into action. I like the little Scottie dogs … and looking forward to hearing about your ‘word’. I have a few still whirling around but none have quite landed yet.


  4. I love the pillow. Scotties are so cute. I’m a bit behind you. I have been soaking up a few quiet days – beginning on Christmas Day. From time to time, I got a short list and drop it on my kitchen/paperwork desk ( my writing desk is in a different room, thank goodness.) I am ready to straighten, sort, and clear surfaces to dust and start fresh in 2019. I too have been mulling over some words for the year and reflecting on what I learned from my 2018 word – light. I am sorry you missed your quilt shop outing but an unexpected day at home is a nice gift too.


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