3 on Thursday | 12.27.2018 …


1 -As I’ve engaged in  döstädning today, taking a bit of a time out for a walk to enjoy the sun and tad warmer temps, I’ve listened to The Library Book, narrated by the author. As a former public librarian, there have been many passages that I find easily relatable: I wonder if the American public library culture is something we (library folk) created or if it’s the library customer… I am on chapter 7 – there are 33! Some chapters are as short as 7 – 10 min; others as long as 40+ minutes…I have about 9 hours left…but I may skip a few…or at least change the speed.

2 – I wish my mother were alive to hear/read the book : She was the manager of a branch library that was destroyed by a fire; it occurred the night she’d just returned from annual leave and a vacation to Oregon (she lived in Ohio). I’m sure the book would be very poignant and relatable.

3 – Tomorrow the weather forecast calls for rain, rain, rain! I hope not because our Thursday stitching group has plans to go to a quilt shop in the western end of the state of MD. According to Siri, the  shop is about 55 miles away …or about 32 miles as the crow flies. And yes, that’s exactly how Siri said it!

Think it’s time now for me to wrap up döstädning and this post.




5 thoughts on “3 on Thursday | 12.27.2018 …

  1. That book went right on to my TBR list. Sounds interesting.

    Have fun at the quilt shop. Vera and I are heading off to the Emmaus yarn shop this morning. Hope the rain isn’t too bad for either one of us.


  2. I hope the rain doesn’t spoil your quilt shop field trip! I started listening to America’s First Daughter (~23 hours) and it’s engaging, but whoa, it’s long!


  3. We were supposed to get that steady rain today, but it never really materialized. A few brief showers. Hopefully, you’ll be as lucky. It was really warm, though, but that’s supposed to change overnight. Have fun!


  4. That’s a lot of listening! My Mum would have enjoyed the book too, I am sure – she was a librarian too. Hoping you got to your quilt group, and caught up with like-minded friends :).


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