holiday magic …


Christmas was filled with magic for one little boy and a chance for an older brother to show said little one, the magic of how this strange thing, called a toy, worked. We all gathered at the little boys’ grandmother’s – Mimi, as she is known! – for brunch that lasted throughout the afternoon! A grand time was had by all!

Today, I’ve been up to my elbows in a much needed activity, purging stuff, aka döstädning – getting ready for 2019! Hadn’t realized how late it was until I glanced out the window and saw the sun was setting! Time flies when you’re having fun!


16 thoughts on “holiday magic …

  1. There’s nothing like little ones to put magic into Christmas! You and I had the same idea; I organized and purged clothes in three closets, did the same with a huge pile of magazines, and the upstairs freezer. Very satisfying!


  2. Magic indeed. I bet this Christmas seemed like a miracle to his family. I made a list for sorting out paperwork beginning SOON. Holiday prep got in the way of several organizing type projects. Enjoy this week between Christmas and New Years.


    1. I’m up to my eyebrows in organizing stuff…in the process, I’m also looking for something that thus far has eluded me…I shall “press on…” Enjoy your week too!


  3. Little ones playing happily always makes me smile – no wonder the time flew! Determined here to be doing the same kind of decluttering – focussing on all my digital stuff which, although it doesn’t take up a lot of physical space, seems to take up a lot of psychological room and would cause someone trying to deal with it a lot of headaches.


  4. Little ones really do make Christmas magic for everyone! … I need to do a little cleaning out myself – this week is flying by way too fast!


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