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thinking/trusting: today is Flag Day and Sunday, Fathers’ Day. not sure how frequently these two events are so close together – guessing it doesn’t really matter. today, my thoughts turn to my dad who was a proud soldier in the US Army, during WWII. tho’ he never went overseas to battle, he and his troops were ready, even tho’ they didn’t get to go. after the war, Daddy  remained in the US Army Reserves, until his death, 40 years later. my father believed in the principles on which this country  was founded (and is still engaged in making the mark): respect, liberty and justice for all. I am reminded that I, too, must keep the faith, must trust that the foundation is strong and goodness will persevere…

gratitude/gifts: we have been graced nearly all week with subsequent rare June days. it has been a joy to sleep with open windows, greeted by sunshine- filled mornings and delightful, just-right temperatures…

inspiring/inspired by: clouds. yesterday and today, the sky’s been a study with glorious, magnificent clouds rolling by, occasionally hiding the sun …and then a breakthrough.

 feeling/finding: looking ahead, a nearly blank calendar – as in, no outside appointments  – for nearly the next two weeks…hmmm. wondering how I will fulfill those days, hours, moments of promise…

wishing all a weekend filled with many moments of promise…and fulfillment.

7 thoughts on “tgif | 6.14.19…

  1. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that the principles upon which our country was founded still matter and persevere, but I also must trust, thanks to people like your father. Those puffy clouds are beautiful, and I hope you fill your next two weeks with things you value and enjoy!


  2. Lots of rain and cool temperatures here this week. Yesterday the skies cleared and although it was windy we were able to sit outside at the cottage in the sun. If the sun went behind a cloud, however, it was a bit chilly. How wonderful to see a clear calendar! My volunteer commitments will continue all summer this year, so no totally clear calendars. I enjoy both relationships, though, so I never mind going out for them. Happy Father’s Day to Norman!


  3. The weather has been incredibly lovely! And, I too have some “open” days in the next couple of weeks! Have a lovely weekend!


  4. The last few days HAVE been truly lovely. Always good to remind ourselves about old glory and those who were/are so willing to serve.


  5. Thank you to your father for his service. Like you I hope that goodness and justice can persevere. What a thoughtful TGIF post. I surely enjoy your writing.


  6. Hmmmmm. I love your dad because he gave me yoU!!! And his service was amazing for our country. !!!!! WE need a new Flag. Ours is fading and not as it should be!
    I love sleeping with the windows open . ONE OF My favorite things to do in Summer! I love the crickets, the coyotes howling , the owls (by the way they’ve been quiet lately) and frogs. I love to hear the wind in the leaves of the trees! I love lightening and thunder. I love waiting for a breeze on a humid night. I love fireflies and just read an article on how to help them flourish . It had to do with leaving leaf piles rot nearby. No problem there, the forest floor never gets swept and we get lots of them.
    Wow. I had a lot to say ! hahahah That’s what I get for saying no comments on my own blog!


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