unraveled wednesday | 6.19.19


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Chris’ 5th birthday celebration was Saturday; I thought it was being held at a LEGO playland…nope! A place called Climbzone – for adults and children alike. Chris, his pals and aunts Chris and Kayla tried but…but… the kiddles preferred the bouncy house, all things considered! I suppose the ClimbZone theme was appropriate for the party; Chris is a big fan of Batman… known also for scaling tall buildings. Apparently Aunts Chris and Kayla did make it to the top…I didn’t see because I was in my car, warming up…(t’was a tad cold in the building!)

We’ve had delightful end of spring weather; I’ve been taking long walks these past couple days…enjoying the flowers that are in abundance.

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Just think: In two days it will be SUMMER! I am no fan of summer in these parts…but, perhaps ( a very slim perhaps) the temps won’t be so horribly hot…one can hope. I shall return after the Summer Solstice arrives @ 11:54am, ESDST! What are your summer plans?

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9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 6.19.19

  1. What an awesome way to celebrate a birthday! (and I am with you on the humidity and heat…)

    My summer plans? To hone my focus on making!


  2. What fun for a party! It is always good for kids to be physically active and sometimes helpful to the Mom hosting the party! I am not a fan of heat and humidity either – August is my least favorite month but I try not to dwell on it. Summer reading list, travel to see our kids, sew a few of my poems into a chapbook of sorts, grow some tomatoes and eat some local sweet corn.


  3. That climbing wall looks like a lot of fun.

    We have had such a rainy spring, we haven’t been able to do all the yard work we would like to. Providing it “drys up” a bit, I’d like to re-work my gardens this summer.


  4. Two lovely collections of photos … That’s some cake! I expect it was welcome for the warmed-up climbers and the chilled-to-the-bone adults alike? And pretty flowers – I fear we are not going to have much warmth here this year.


  5. Birthday parties are such fun! Chris is such a sweet little guy! I hope he had a super fun day. 🙂
    (And we’re still waiting for summer to show it’s sunshine-y face around here. . . )


  6. Another great slide show! I’ll bet Chris had a great time. I’m hoping for some sun and warmer weather here. Frankly, it’s been way too cool and rainy this spring. Yesterday was glorious, but today didn’t get past 61° and it rained all day. The interstate flooded for awhile this morning, and the traffic was at a standstill. Fortunately, I saw the backup in time to get off the highway and make to my appointment in time via local roads. No travel plans for the summer except for a weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake to celebrate our anniversary. Our big trip this year is in September. Looking forward to some family time here as well as lots of time on the patio reading.


  7. Very cool cake. Summer plans: knit knit and more knit. Horses horses barn volunteering. Porch joys. Honore it is still so cold today I have a warm jacket on in the house. I want HEAT I promise I will not complain.
    No scheduled visits with Allison. She has grad school, work and two trips planned herself.
    Lots of time with Zach as he transitions to his new job? Will he work in Austin? Will he go back to Mexico as he has two offers?
    Paddle boarding. Taking photos.
    I have a cardiac appointment next week. Palpitations…..probably nothing. And Im still hoarse from early May’s cold. So an ENT appt too. Gheesh
    Oh and my BIRTHDAY and Cubs watching!


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