welcome summer | 6.21.19 …



Summer officially arrived in my time zone – Eastern Standard Daylight Savings – at 11:54 am. This day, the first, has been perfectly perfect. During Journal Club, I wrote:

The sky’s been a study…the wind moving clouds in/around. Lovely and ever-changing. Now, the sun’s out and the sky is blue tho’ the wind’s still evident …resting a bit, I suspect. Shortly before the arrival of the Summer Solstice, I took a walk; the Day Lily are at peak bloom. Delightful


And yes, I’d be the happiest camper in these parts if today’s preview was a promise of the summer days to come.  But alas, I’ve lived in these parts with way too many summers that were just plain wretched: hot and humid! I took a peek at next week’s weather…  Yep! projected forecast: Hot! Humid. Low 90s. Yuk!

Tho, who knows, Mother Nature may just decide otherwise…

Regardless, my plan is to enjoy each day to its fullest…for I am grateful that I am around to do so!

Enjoy this first weekend of Summer 2019!


9 thoughts on “welcome summer | 6.21.19 …

  1. Welcome summer. We began the day with an early morning thunderstorm followed by a sunny but slightly humid day. But oh the light in the evenings is so nice.


  2. Summer has never been my favorite season either. But, after shoveling snow and slogging through a very wet yard all spring ……….I welcome a bit of dry, hot weather.


  3. It was truly a glorious entrance to summer – and yesterday was mighty fine as well! And, today (Sunday) we have clear skies as well! I think this is the first weekend in months that has been rain-free!


  4. So nice to see that lovely bed of flowering day lilies … they look super en masse. That’s a great intro to summer, your blue sky. Over here, it’s cool for summer (59F) and, yep, you’ve guessed it, raining. But we celebrate the longer evenings nevertheless! Me, I love hot and humid. I will continue to enjoy your summer vicariously :).


  5. I love when flowers occupy that space between the sidewalk and the road. Summer weather-you never know what it’s going to be like-the convertible top will be down as long as it’s not raining!


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