unraveled wednesday |6.12.19…

Chris has a busy week:

  • Monday: celebrating his 5th birthday. One only turns five once! I think 5 year-olds are pretty neat people: they know just enough to be independent and still adorable little people.
  • Tuesday: PreK graduation.  My sister – his great grandmother – bought him the cap + gown (worn after the ceremony) and the label on top of his mortar board! The ceremony was at 8:30 am! ~ which meant I had to get up and arrive at his home by 7:45 am! After all the excitement, we went to iHop for brunch. When I arrived home, I took a nap!
  • Saturday : Birthday celebration at a Lego Playland.


I have finished the 3rd color of the log cabin squares and planning pink for the next.  The books are three new-to-me this week; the Stacey Abrams title – from my friend Margaret, taking a detour with me – is on its way to Kayla.  Both the Debbie Macomber Be A Blessing and the 100-Day Goal are journals.  Debbie – a prolific author and knitter – is also a journaler and this book is bright, colorful, cheerful, inviting. I may pass it on to Kayla, too. The bella Grace magazine features an article: Cultivating Quiet by Michelle GD; she is featuring a companion free course this summer on her blog .

We’re having another rare day in June; I think I’ll take a walk to the neighborhood coffee shop – then return for a bit of stitching. Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.





13 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday |6.12.19…

  1. There is so much awesome here! First, how is Chris 5 already?! What a handsome young man he is! Thank you for the heads up on the article by Michelle – I will look for the magazine! I love her idea of Cultivating Quiet – it is a rare and wonderful thing! I love your squares too!

    We need to plan a time to catch up! XO


  2. sigh. I see Stacey Abrams on that cover and can’t help but wonder what could’ve been … but then I see the hope in little Chris (and the love and support you and the rest of your family provided) – and YES – let’s catch up soon.


  3. You’ve had quite a week of celebrations, and five-year-olds are definitely worth celebrating! Loving your log cabin squares and colors!


  4. Chris couldn’t be any cuter! He looks so handsome in those glasses. I’ll be curious to know what you think about Stacy’s book. I just finished Mayor Pete’s memoir, and have to admit I was quite impressed in the end. It was slow to start, but most of it was very interesting. I’m a huge fan of Michelle GD’s, and will look for this issue. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!


  5. He is just adorable. Oh I love kindergarteners! We had rain all day. I was so tired Honore. I went to a doc appointment and grocery shopped . I was home by 3 and went straight to bed for an hour ..with Fezzik. I am still hoarse and my doc said my throat was very red. Odd because I have No pain. Antibiotics for me.


  6. Oh, Honoré! That sweet little face under that mini-graduation cap. What a precious little boy! (And you’re so right — 5-year-olds are Just Right!) XO


  7. Five year olds are lots of fun. I wonder how many graduations and birthdays he will be celebrating together in the coming years. He is a handsome guy. He is going to love kindergarten and his teacher is going to love him. I can see why you came home and took a nap. I am a bit envious that you can walk to a neighborhood coffee shop. Enjoy these rare June days.


  8. Oh my goodness, what a very sweet photo! Just five, and with a mortarboard already? This will make a lovely ‘Now and Then’ scrapbook page, Honoré, when he graduates from college :). Many congratulations to you all for nurturing him. You have very intriguing titles as usual … but I am trying not to buy any more books at present!


  9. Oh what a precious little boy! Yes, 5 is a great age…they’re so much fun, and quite wise.
    I’m leaving this note a month later than you posted…hope you’re continuing to enjoy the quiet bits on Fridays. xo


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