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Sitting on my computer shelf is a quote from Buddha: each morning we are born again; what we do today is what matters most. I’m astonished – too strong a word? – well, maybe amazed – that it is already 4 August. Where does the time go -when you’re having fun … or not? Each day I plan to publish a post and then the next thing I realize, the day is over. So, I tell myself: tomorrow. And here t’is… tomorrow! The question: How did that happen… 24 hours every day, the sun rises/sets … seasons come and go … For sure there is a lovely rhythm to the days of our lives, tho’ sometimes, the days seem to be just one long endless continuum…

Drafting this post has taken me all afternoon – with a few long breaks interspersed: Zoom sessions with storytelling scrapbooking friends and another with a quilting friend – then a walk on a most pleasant afternoon, the last of ? until? The weather forecast for the next nine days and counting: H-O-T! Besides that side activity, I had to connect with Word Press for assistance with the new block editor.  I do not like. Currently I’m reading a few assorted other titles, old and I started Anne Lamott’s newest:  Dusk, Night, Dawn.

So far, I’m enjoying the change of pace. Deep sigh: I’m still aiming to conquer making Confetti Quilt blocks. Daily, I tell myself: “this is the day” and then, “well, there’s tomorrow … fingers crossed, I hope.” Today I found this fabric remnant from a quilt I made for niece Chris when she left for Rutgers in 2010.  I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since she graduated! I think the fabric is a perfect bit of advice for an Unraveled Wednesday. Hope your day’s been less frustrating!


12 thoughts on “make life simple | 8.4.21 …

  1. I’m not sure why it is that these longer summer days seem to go faster than the short days of winter — time is such a strange thing! We’ve also been having a nice reprieve from the heat here, but it’ll be back to the hot next week. I hope your AC is working well these days!


  2. I love that little fabric remnant… it will make a beautiful addition to your Confetti block! (and I am so glad you joined us today!!)


  3. I’m hearing that slow down and simplify message from all over (well, except daughter Katie – her family dove headfirst into SCHOOL this week … which is pretty much the opposite of slowing down) … in our house, though, it sounds like a delightful path to take!


  4. The title of this post appeals to me; not sure how well I’m addressing that challenge. Too many items on the to-do list before Sarah arrives on Saturday, and some crafting I really want to get done as well. Stay cool. Heat’s on its way here too, but probably less oppressive than yours.


  5. Isn’t it lovely to take the days at a pace you want. There is so much to do but much of it can wait. Enjoy your zoom sessions and all of the time you spend just the way you want to. Stay safe.


  6. Honore,
    You do not have to change to the new wordpress editor. You can opt for c1assic. If you want I can scro11 through my posts and get the directions
    Yes times going too fast!


  7. I like that little fabric remnant and it is always fun to incorporate a scrap from an older project into a newer one. I don’t know why but that tickles me and I do it often. I’m not sure where time goes either but this heat and humidity are slowing me down for sure. I love the quote about each day being a new beginning. What a good reminder.


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