simply a moment | 15 august 2021 …


     8 am/cloudy/70 degrees, I wrote and continued:  My tea’s cooling, if not cooled, cold. I’ve returned to the classic (7 x 9) Happy Planner dot grid  paper for journaling. At least for today – it’s Simply A Moment time. Many years have elapsed since I first began documenting a specific several moments on the 15th of each month. I chose the 15th because the date is generally the middle – or close to  – of the month and also happens to be my birthday numeral.  I also use the convention of capturing the moment based on the date + time, e.g., this month, the moment I captured (in pen on paper) was 8 – 8:15 am on Sunday August 15 – 8/15. It could have easily been 8:15 pm for I think I’d most likely be awake at that time.  But a bunch of  Zzzzs does not make for very interesting copy.  And so the countdown  begins – 3 min to go til …

     8:15 am  Two sips of my now cooled tea. Sunday Baroque in my ears: Bach’s “Two Choruses'” is  playing …so lovely. The sky is laced with grey colouds. Autumn – meterological only 16 days away – 1 September.  I saw an artist on Instagram  (Lorene Edwards Forkner – #gardenercook )  who selects a daily color palette based on a plant: it’s leaf or flowers. She has a book coming out Spring 2022;  I plan to purchase but in the meantime, I’ll follow her on IG. Today’s colors: shades of grey (and not 50!). Guess it could be green with a hint of brown as the season’s changing.  Looking out the window, I see the leaves on this tree are not only turning brown but that many have fallen and there are more gaps, spaces, views of the grey sky showing through.  My tea needs replacing –  it’s cooled and my cup’s almost empty…

And thus was the beginning of my Sunday which later included an afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble, complete with my mask! There were a lot of people out at the shopping mall – nearly all were masked and moving and most retail establishments and eateries required masks. Worked for me!


11 thoughts on “simply a moment | 15 august 2021 …

  1. Lovely to read your ‘Simply A Moment’ (I posted mine today too). Autumn is clearly hovering in the wings there? Delighted to read you got to a bookshop, and that others helped you to feel safe. I’m going to look up that artist – gardener and cook are two words that I find very attractive :).


  2. Your moment is most interesting! I enjoyed reading about the everyday things you did and noticed. The delta variant and what may lie in the future are scary, but I’m glad you and most of the shoppers were masked.


  3. I enjoy your moments and a peak at your journaling. I love “work for the common good, practice compassion, and stand up for justice.” Those ideas are a good reminder and they warm my heart. It is good to know there are many good people, like you, in the world.


  4. I’m happy to hear that most people were masked at Barnes and Noble. It’s so discouraging to have to return to our pre-vaccine behaviors, but good too know most people are following through. It has seemed to vary widely during our road trip to Michigan. Much less masking in the rural areas. I’ll be checking out your artist/gardener on IG!


  5. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been to a B&N; we went to our local bookstore earlier this summer, but it’s a small place and doesn’t have quite the selection. I am glad to hear that most people are masked. I’ve seen a mix here, and while I hope that the people without masks are vaccinated, it’s probably not universally the case. Thanks for sharing this small moment in your life with us!


  6. I thought of you on Sunday morning at 8:15 – when I was dashing to church 🙂 … I love these posts, and the intention of documenting right here, right now.


  7. Love this idea and post. Again, I may adopt it because of your inspiration. Great idea for practicing color palettes, I am following her now too, thanks to you. Cheers from hot, humid rainy MA


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