unraveled wednesday | 5/19/21 …

playing with fabric scraps & background for the Confetti Quilt

After too long, I’ve finally begun the Confetti Quilt!

  • Fabrics selected and loosely organized by color – ROYGBIV …
  • Patterns for each block printed on paper designed specially for foundation paper printing …
  • Morning Glory Studio – aka my sewing room – organized. Touching and putting things away was a great tactile experience that infused me with creative energy and the desire to actually spend time there – now that I have restored outer order. Gretchen Rubin is right: “outer order is indeed inner calm.”

I’m also gathering all sorts of ideas – fiction titles – for summer reading. Last week I received Stacy Abrams’ While Justice Sleeps and a friend surprised me by sending The Great Circle! That was a delightful treat.

Not much else to share. I’m still wearing my mask when I go out among the crowds or for a walk. Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.

Here’s to a good week!


9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 5/19/21 …

  1. What a fun quilt! I love all the bright prints. Somehow I’ve lost my quilting mojo – not that I had a lot to begin with – but I do have a small wall hanging size nine patch top that needs to be quilted. I am not familiar with The Great Circle but am off to investigate.


  2. Outer order is so essential before I begin even the smallest of projects. But . . . it’s difficult to maintain! Looking forward, as always, to seeing the quilt evolve. I just made a much too long list of backlist books posted by Ann Bogel of books to read. The first one on her list was handed to me last week at a friend’s house with “You will love this” — “Rules of Civility.”


  3. What a glorious collection of fabrics! I especially like A – it reminds of a Basic Grey scrapbooking paper. Yes, outer order is indeed inner calm, and I find it immensely soothing.


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