zoomin’ along …

Over the next few days, much of my awake time is committed to Zoom: confabs with friends who are spread out around the US, CA and the world. I know shareholders – and I’m not one – are delighted with the technology’s performance over this past year, 365+ days and counting . Since 31 January 2020…. I’ve connected with family and friends, made new friends, traveled to areas of the world I’d never get to under any other circumstances, attended conferences, celebrated weddings, birthdays, participated in graduation events, several scheduled just this past week … The list goes on.

In April, 2020, I discovered and joined a weekly, M-F, 12 N to 12:45 pm, give or take a few minutes, scrapbooking in a 3 x5 and/or 4 x 6 small stitched journal…sometimes I went small and sometimes I also ventured big – e.g., 7×9. The session, brought to us by rukristin, owner and founder of The Awesome Ladies Project, is very informal and friendly. We talk, exchange ideas and information, solve the world’s problems, have fun and engage with our own individual creativity. Yes, we learn that indeed we are creative! Today, I stopped to take inventory of my year’s worth of Daily Pages and I was impressed. NOT every book or page I began was completed – and that’s OK. I continue to experiment, play, learn and enjoy this break in the day and the camaraderie among us.

If you are a scrapbooker, you are probably quite familiar with Shimelle. She offers a variety of interesting techniques for capturing memories into scrapbook pages, stories. Her current offering, “Half and Half,” provides ideas and techniques for using 2 pieces of card stock to tell one story. I scrapbooked the story of my nephew’s changing voice during puberty. Loved the story. Love the scrapbooked rendition.

Finally, I am learning and practicing a new quilting technique – foundation paper piecing – with several friends – one is local and the other, lives in Washington state. Thanks to Zoom, we can both show and tell! A preview coming soon…


10 thoughts on “zoomin’ along …

  1. I am just in awe of scrapbookers! I just could not ever get into that. Your pages are always so inspiring and full of YOU! (and I am thankful for Zoom and FaceTime as well!)


  2. I’ve always admired the skill of scrapbookers, even though it’s not a craft I’ve done myself. And I really think that the ability to connect with makers near and far online has been one of the blessings of this pandemic. I am sure that connecting with those other crafters while you work has been a real inspiration!


  3. Love the phrase “Bloom and Flourish”—thinking of how that might become a OLW some day! Since giving up scrapbooking, I’ve been thinking about how to go about preserving the photos and memories we keep making. I think photo books are the way to go, but for some reason, they’ve always been intimidating to me. Guess I need to get over it! You, as always, are inspiring!


  4. What a lovely upbeat post and a glowing photo of you! It must be wonderful to look back at your body of work this last year and to have connected again with so many memories and important experiences. Looking forward to learning more about your new quilting discovery …


  5. Love your picture Honore, so fun, so you! Your nephew was so cute. I loved the story with it. My mom used to say that and my brother had the same rocking horse. I love your currently notes. I am going to do that too, I like it so much! Looking forward to zooming soon,



  6. Juliann has shared with me about that daily scrapbooking group – how cool to connect with folks from all over – while staying home – AND making/creating pages!! I smiled to see that Shimelle is still going strong with her inspirational and creative prompts … her JYC was the first making/creating course I tried – 2007? wow! glad to see you’re still engaged and still documenting stories!


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