and tomorrow …

… #walk 20 in 21

begins a new month. I wonder what’s in store, how the month will develop, end? What the weather will be like? Will we be graced with those rare June days – or will Mother Nature announce June’s arrival with a vengeance ? Treating us to days of endless heat and humidity? Our plan – weatherwise – is to go with the flow, take each day as it comes… and hope for the best.

Over these next 30 days I have a few a few exciting items on the calendar:

  • a couple in person gatherings with friends;
  • a Zoom workshop with Samanthe Dion Baker, creator and author of Draw Your Day and soon (22 June) to be published, Draw Your World ;
  • a 30-days’ journaling e-course : Here, Five Things
  • 2021 summer Book Bingo : my list of potential titles continues to grow; my next step is to attempt to determine which title will best fit into what square. I am beginning with The Great Circle tho’ I’m not sure where it’ll go …
  • significant progress on my Confetti Quilt

I wonder where my June wall calendar has disappeared … perhaps it’ll show up tomorrow. The dinner bell rings.


10 thoughts on “and tomorrow …

  1. That’s a nice mix of things to look forward to in your week! Warm weather, friends, creative projects .. Hoping it unfolds happily for you. I’m doing the Five Things course this month too.


  2. I am excited for you that you have in-person get-togethers with friends planned! I hope June holds many more of those for all of us.


  3. I recently read Draw Your Day, and loved it. Good to know she has a new book coming out! I’m hoping June will see a return of better routines for creative pursuits. Traveling in April threw everything off, and I haven’t gotten back to a place where I really feel productive.


  4. June came so fast, didn’t it?! That photo says summer to me in the best way … and I’m excited to see the progress you make on that June list – it all sounds so good!


  5. That flower is beautiful! The Great Circle is on my TBR list. It’s been hot and humid here the past few days, but today and tomorrow, 70’s….aaah,perfect.


  6. In person gatherings sound quite lovely. I looked at the Five Things – what fun. I bet you will have a very creative approach. Enjoy. As for June weather (I am way behind on blogs right now) ours is unseasonably warm – hot. Sometimes that just moves east across the country.


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