In my last post, I pondered what June’s weather would be …Now, I know: H-O-T! I took an extra long walk this afternoon, primarily because for the past few days, it has been very h-o-t. The sky, as usual, was/is a study and my route, naturally took me to and through the park, which is just hilly enough that I can see the view from different heights…

I’ve spent most of the week attending zoom sessions with family, friends and strangers and a few hours, here and there, learning the fine art of foundation paper piecing, stitching my Confetti Quilt. The fun part of this project is selecting the fabric scraps for each block…

I started Great Circle – a title I chose for summer book bingo…I think it could fit many, many bingo squares on at least three different cards. I say that tongue-in-cheek though perhaps t’is truer than I think. I suspect I’ll know for sure once I’ve finished the 589 pages…

Great grand nephew Chris is 7 today! This photo was taken this morning and shared by his mom; his birthday breakfast wish: donuts. This evening – soon – family gathers via zoom to sing happy happy. I understand next weekend there will be a gathering to celebrate all three of my sister’s grands who have birthdays the 4th and the 10th of June.

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday.

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  1. The sky looks beautiful. Happy birthday to Chris. I love donuts, but I haven’t had one in years….hmmmm, there’s a donut shop near me that has ginormous ones. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water, but I’ll probably just dream about it and have Greek yogurt with rhubarb compote. Next year on my birthday tho’


  2. Hope Chris had a VERY happy birthday.

    Love the cloud photo. The beginning of the week was hot here. Tonight I almost needed a sweater.


  3. Chris looks ready to take on the world! It’s been super hot here, too, feeling much more like July or August than early June. I’m looking forward to more seasonal weather next week.


  4. Chris is growing up so fast! Glad you will have zoom family time. I think it is so good for us! Still thinking about a DC trip this year. I want to be there when President Joe and First Wife Jill are there!!


  5. Chris is just the handsome – est seven year old ever. I hope he had his favorite doughnuts with all the sprinkles and had a fun birthday. Don’t you just love looking at the ever-changing sky?


  6. Each new day is a gift!!! I love your bunny. I love that your group got together!!!!!! Life is never going to be the same, but it will be a new way, with new appreciation for those who heal us and those who invent vaccines and ways to get them to us!!!!


  7. SEVEN?! reminds me that Charlie will be having a birthday in just a couple of months. I love the donut bags and that backdrop – Chris looks like he’s ready to get his game on! I’m looking forward to seeing your confetti quilt progress (hint, hint)


  8. What a wonderful banner for Chris! I hope his birthday was a lovely day for him, and that you enjoyed the family sing-a-long to celebrate. Hot sounds nice … We’ve had ‘pleasant’ but it’s heading back to ‘cool’, alas.


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