sometimes mondays | 11.8.21…

thinking I frequently approach Mondays focusing (obsessing?) about all that’s on the week’s docket: things to do that are due or even, overdue… and I (we) wonder: how will I fit it all in? Today, I took a different approach and decided to focus on the following:

inspired by the gorgeous colors of autumn ~ especially today’s display of trees, their foliage, captured on my walk this afternoon… a perfect autumn day with just right temperature for a long walk…

grateful that my niece Dolly, husband and the two little guys arrived safely in North Carolina to visit in-laws – both are having health-related issues. not (ever?) a good time but all are thankful for and taking each day at a time. Dolly did all the driving; for sure she’s tired. Rest up!

fulfilled by yesterday’s Friendstitch gathering. this time we celebrated two birthdays: Margaret’s Oct 29th and mine, on its way Nov 15 <more on that next week… As always, the food was delicious: yummy homemade vegetable soup; delicious salads; scrumptious desserts (no, one could not just eat one); and Prosecco

… and now the sun’s beginning to set – it’s just barely 5 PM non-DST ! I for one am perfectly happy that real time has returned! How about you?


7 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 11.8.21…

  1. The leaves against the blue sky are so beautiful. The colors here have been glorious. I am so glad your family arrived safely and that you were with your friends. Here is to your November 15 birthday. November is a great month for a birthday.


  2. Just hearing about your get-together with friends lifts my spirits so much! I have a long to-do list, but getting outside and enjoying all the colors is a good way to forget that stress.


  3. it’s always delightful to see a post from you in my feed … and one with blue skies, good news, and a wonderful report on gathering with friends, well. that’s even better! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I sure hope the week is unfolding to bring less worry and more blue skies. xxoo.


  4. So happy to see you here, and know that you have begun to celebrate your birthday! I’m of the opinion that such celebrations should carry on for several days (or weeks, as the case may be!) I’m going to take your approach to heart today. The week after returning from Sarah’s has been far too busy—too many commitments, too many things that required prompt action. Thanks for the inspiration.


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