sometimes mondays | 1.25.21

…are grey and dismal and cold. a winter weather advisory – mixed precip: possible snow accumulation, 1-2 inches and ice — in effect until tomorrow AM.

…are not a good day for calling a business…apparently everyone who has business with the same company as I, chose to call today. one listens to the message and choices and then, after selecting the “speak to a customer service rep,” a prerecorded voice comes on the line: “all service reps are busy …” and the call is abruptly ended. C’est toute! irritating, to say the least.

…are the 25th day of the new year, 2021 and one month since Christmas Day of the previous. we were ever so eager for 2020 to come to a close and are thankful that the protracted victory of the presidential election and installation of POTUS 46 has transpired. a deep sigh of relief…

…and a note: Carolyn of youroneword is hosting the 2021 monthly One Little Word share/linkup. So mosey on over to share your 2021 word and see what others’ words are, too.


11 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.25.21

  1. I’ve thought about you several times over the last few weeks with all the drama and National Guardsmen in DC. I do hope things have calmed down a bit, but I’m not sure. Like you, I’m still not ready to watch the news!


  2. That sounds really frustrating to have to go through the whole tiresome phone system and then not achieve anything – sympathies! Hoping it’s better tomorrow … Glad that despite the grey and gloom you are feeling confident – that sounds positive. I’m wondering if your snow arrived … We had another four inch dump of snow yesterday, and with temperatures on -4C (24F), it’s now solid ice :(.


  3. Oh those phone calls! I’ve had several dealings with Apple lately and, while their customer service is great, there is always so.much.waiting.


  4. We got some of that snow/ice overnight and it made the morning walk impossible (at least that is what Sherman told me!)

    I am always so happy to see a post from you in my feed reader! You made my Monday much sweeter! XO


  5. As always, I enjoy your post and any art journaling or paper layout that you choose to share. What an excellent reminder that we are a month from Christmas. I hope your neighborhood has been calm during the stressful tense days in DC. I have been thinking of you. We had between ten and twelve inches of snow last night and today. I much prefer snow to ice though.


  6. I hate making phone calls at the best of times, but when you have to sit on hold is the worst, especially when it just disconnects you!

    I hope the winter weather doesn’t cause you too much trouble and that both of you can stay warm and cozy at home.


  7. Where did you get that tiny notepad that you fill in Honore?
    We got 6 inches of snow. But God Love the Guy who saw our snowblower die, and came over and helped us!!!!
    Good people are out there


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