sometimes mondays | 1.11.21 …

… begin with

… a spectacular sunrise, so I was advised by friends who saw such … and shared, per above. sadly I did not … tho’ the sun did shine a bit and there was the gentle hint of rose pinks in the sky on my end…

… a late breakfast: scrambled egg with a bit o’ chicken, broccoli and Vermont sharp white cheddar cheese plus unsweetened applesauce; I am full …

… seven items on today’s agenda – the last of which is updating/posting to the blog. Wahoo! One down and only six left to do. Yep, I got this!

How is your Monday shaping out? Have a great one!


12 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.11.21 …

  1. I typed a long comment and then it was GONE
    Haha lovely pix…I thought your view had changed!
    I am up early and being productive! I’m focused on my focus areas and getting to do’s…tah done! I am making notes to self re ‘tolerations’ and why I procrastinate certain tasks. I am celebrating completing 75Hard on Saturday (Brin finished Fri)!
    How is COLOR coloring your life? I am leaning towards Gratitude for my word and sitting with it. Vugs!


  2. What a beautiful sunrise! My Monday, sadly, is not shaping up to be a great day. Shortly after breakfast, they shut off our water to fix a water main break down the street, so I have a sink full of dirty dishes and haven’t been able to shower. I suppose things can only get better from here!


  3. A beautiful sunrise indeed! We had a few of them in December, but we have no good views for photographs. Have rarely seen the sun in January! Good to see you here; hope the rest of your day goes well. I had a very productive morning. Good thing, as I have several Zoom meetings this week that required preparation.


  4. Lovely to see you posting again, and you’ve brought us some beautiful soft rosy light … (It’s been either white or grey here). You’re off to a good start :). Hoping Norman is keeping well, and I can’t help wondering if you have a word for this year?


  5. I’m so happy to see you posting again. We are weary. So weary. But seeing that sunrise is encouraging. I’m trying to find some lightness wherever I can. Today, I actually did something i Have not done since we arrived at this house: i used our elliptical machine in the basement. Too cold, too ice. I began watching a Ken Burns documentary while I “worked out” .


  6. Spectacular sunrise. I’ve been seeing many colorful one’s lately from my work space at home. Something about those amazing colors that make you appreciate a new day dawning.


  7. Like Kat, I have missed your gentle words and presence. I love the sunrise and your optimistic spirit. You’ve got this – Yes you do.


  8. Always happy to see a post from you up. The sunrise does indeed look spectacular. I find you have to be really lucky to get it at the right place and moment. Wishing you a great one too, safe and well in the comfort of home. 🤗


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