one little word | dec 2020 …

Well, here we are at the end of this unprecedented year in humans’ lives and when/what the end will be is anybody’s best guess. I certainly have no ideas…just hopes, dreams, wishes, desires. Friday marks the beginning of 2021 – most of us are anxious for the new year to come, hopeful that this long chapter of human suffering and loss will end. And with the end of 2020, also comes the choosing of a new word for 2021. I am still pondering mine tho’ I’m 99.9% positive that I have settled on the track I intend to take; I do know that my 2020 word: habit will continue to play an important role in my relationship with my new word and the 365 days of 2021.

I shared last month that I would not be hosting the 2021 monthly linkup. I’m delighted to announce that Carolyn of graciously offered to host for 2021. Clearly, this is a natural transition. Thank you Carolyn (and kudos to Carole of Carole Knits, who also offered to host). And thanks to you for joining me and sharing your 2020 word journey in this space.

Here’s to a better – much! – 2021!


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14 thoughts on “one little word | dec 2020 …

  1. Lovely to see you posting again :). I am intrigued to find out what your word for 2021 is going to be … and looking at the glorious array in your photo, I can see how seriously you engage with it and make it part of your life. Sending warmest good wishes for the New Year.


  2. I love your photo – look at all of those possibilities!! Thank you so much for hosting this year – I’ve loved gathering with you each month 🙂 And thank you to Carolyn for hosting in 2021!


  3. All those words! what a view!! I’m so grateful to you for hosting our monthly meet-ups. The process of writing these posts has been one of the most meaningful parts of my journey this year. Sending all my best wishes for a calm and peaceful beginning to 2021!


  4. Seeing all those words must be a great reminder of so many years of reflection and work. Thank you so much for hosting us this past year (my first year!).


  5. I am profoundly grateful that you hosted us this year! I think you have perfected habit… perhaps that is a word I should have considered for next year, but first I have some housecleaning to do! 🙂


  6. Look at those words! What a spot-on photo to end the year. And ‘my brain has too many tabs open’–if that doesn’t sum things up perfectly for me, I don’t know what does 🙂 Thank you for entrusting me with the link-up next year! I will connect with you by email. Happy New Year to you–and thanks for welcoming me this year.


  7. I think it’s great when our words stay with us and impact us beyond the year in which we chose them. Thank you for hosting this year!


  8. Thank you for hosting Honore’. I love the little sign that says, “my brain has too many tabs open.” And yes, Happy New Year. Here is to a better brighter year.


  9. In the spirit of the profoundly unprecedented year we are leaving ,I want to thank you Honore. I am making a point of thanking my blog pal community . Regular blogging requires so much more than typing a few words and adding photo. We have struggled with each other when our babies are sick, we encourage each other when we feel alone , and we are very transparent with sharing our personal stories. SO Thank you Honore. It is a privilege to read Morning Glory Studio. Here’s hoping Norm is much much better


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