unraveled wednesday | 12.9.20 …

It’s WEDNESDAY and time for Unraveled Wednesday with Kat and friends…

1- On the stitching front:  Progress  – slowly – on an appliqué project  – shhh, it’s for a friend. I’ve cut all the pieces and now need to adhere to the background – once I decide on what I want to use…that will probably be enhanced when I take another deep dive in my stash. Who knows what I might uncover? 

2 – On the reading front: Ordered/Received from Blackwell’s in the UK:  Hamnet. My Christmas gift from me to me … The cover is spectacular and an invitation to reproduce as a stitching project…hmmm? 

My TBR list continues to  g-r-o-w and my time to make a dent in it and Louise Penny’s  Inspector Gamache series, decreases. I’m thinking  that I will resume reading  Inspector Gamache  in print rather than the audible version. 

I noted the Good Reads Best Books of 2020 list and saw a few titles I might add to my TBR list… I’ve started my Christmas Gift books list – books for the little boys beg for a trip to B & N and/or local Indie stores…but COVID-19? Online! Chris is quite the whiz on the ‘Net…

3 – Each day when I log on to DayONE, I have the choice to ‘jumpstart” my journaling with a prompt; this was today’s and my response:

Day ONE: Do you feel you owe anyone an apology? My Response: Probably lots of people and maybe most of all: MOI!


11 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 12.9.20 …

  1. I am leaving Hamnet on my TBR wish list for now because, like you, my stack is overwhelming. I am working on a pen to paper list of books I want to read and planning to stay away from Goodreads – too many temptations. I got Ellis a kids cookbook for Christmas – his mama and papa both love to cook so I am hoping it will be fun for everyone.


  2. I think the cover of Hamnet in embroidery form would be absolutely stunning. And now I’m wondering if anyone has done notable book covers in fiber form — surely someone has thought of it!

    There are so many good books to read and never enough time! I do like that you send the little ones books for Christmas gifts, and if you’re not already aware of it, there’s a service that allows you to purchase online from local bookstores (I want to say it’s called Bookstore). I’m trying to buy from indies when I can, even though Amazon and B&N are cheaper and faster. They’re certainly suffering more from the current situation and need the business, so I can be patient!


  3. The cover of Hamnet is truly a work of art (and the words within are equally so!) I wish you joy in your reading! (and I can’t wait to see your applique project!)


  4. ooohhh, that “H” would make a lovely stitching project! A few years back, the yarn/needlepoint shop where I worked was into stitching initials and then making them into pockets on bags. I actually finished one! (the only thing I ever needlepointed for myself).


  5. That cover is so beautiful. It does inspire some kind of stitching. I buy everyone on my gift list a book. These are my favorite gifts to choose and give. I do find it hard to pick out picture books without looking at them. I took advantage of an early November early morning senior hour at an Indie bookstore in Omaha (60 miles away but worth the drive) to pick out books for my grands. Best of luck with that shopping and the applique’ project.


  6. love your prompt answer! I am current in the Penny reading, I read them on kindle and borrowed the last two ones through the library for free. Of course there was a waiting period but it went quickly.


  7. A stunning cover … and as it’s the initial of your name, I think that an embroidery project would be just the thing. Glad you can cut yourself some slack with an apology too. Most of my family have requested books this year, and my grandsons in Europe have a subscription each to an educational and fun magazine of their choice for the year. I am sure your friend will love her surprise present, as all your stitched work is lovely – more power to your elbow!


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