one little word |nov 2020 …

Just 31 days to go … I’ve noticed that during this year of Covid-2019, my word habit has served me well and well, not so well. The latter because other events and external events changed things over which I have no control – or perhaps, in some instances, I chose not to exercise any control? Certainly a question that I will ponder over the next 31 days.

Usually this time of the year, a new word presents itself… thus far, not so. Over the years, I’ve flirted with quite a dictionary of words – perhaps I’ll reconsider and choose one, again … a thought occurs that perhaps I might revisit several on a quarterly basis. In the meantime, I shall continue to focus on my 2020 word habit to guide me through these next/last 31 days of 2020. I have an ambitious agenda set out for December 2020 and I will need to depend on habit to keep me focused, productive, creative, satisfied, relaxed and able to say YES to NO!

Our last link up for 2020 is Tues, Dec 29. I won’t be hosting the linkup in 2021; I hope there is someone who will be able to take over. If so, please touch base so we can make the announcement on the 29th. Have a great December, stay well and safe!


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16 thoughts on “one little word |nov 2020 …

  1. I always enjoy your honest reflections on your word for the year, when things go well and when they do not. I think many of us (me included) have struggled to keep a focus on their word this year. So far, no word for 2021 has come to me, although a phrase (are we allowed those?) has popped into my head which might be interesting to follow. Sending warmest good wishes for your word in December and that it serves you well.


  2. I hope habit serves you well this holiday season. It’s nice to be able to have good habits to fall back on when things get topsy-turvy.

    Thanks so much for hosting this year!


  3. Thank you for hosting this year, it has definitely helped me to stay on track with updating and reflecting on my word every month. I’m willing to host for 2021, I already have a paid InLinkz account for Three On Thursday but if you have someone else in mind to host that’s okay, too. Enjoy your last month with habit, I bet a new word will pop up soon.


  4. I can imagine that habit has been hard in a year such as the one we’ve had, but I admire you for sticking with it! I hope in this final month of the year, things come together for you as you hope.


  5. Our words usually teach us some tough lessons . . . and I think that this year we all learned that habits are hard to maintain during a global pandemic! But I’m also willing to bet that your habits have served you well this year, Honoré, enabling you to keep moving during a most challenging time. Here’s to a productive and enjoyable December! And thanks so much for hosting these monthly meet-ups. It’s been a wonderful way to keep up with other folks’ words this year.


  6. I think you, and everyone else who chose a word, have done an exemplary job of learning from their words this year. It’s funny to think back to this time last year when I didn’t have a clue how 2020 might turn out, but there were some bright silver linings concerning my word and what it taught me. Thank you for hosting the meet-ups (even if I did only pay attention to focus haphazardly this year)!


  7. This has indeed been a challenging year for any word, let alone habit… because this year taught us that some habits we just can’t do, and others we never did have now become the norm. But, that was not a bad thing in every instance! Thank you for sharing that your word worked and didn’t… I needed that. It seems like everyone has wild word success, and that was certainly elusive for me this year. It is good to know I was in very good company! XO


  8. I like your phrase ‘saying YES to NO.’ I’ll also be very curious if you decide to visit words seasonally in 2021. I can imagine linking some words in that way…I think I tend to do that with words that are synonymous, even though I don’t ‘change’ the word in a formal way.
    On a different note, I am ‘pressing play’ on my new website this week, I don’t have a linkz account, but I think hosting the link-up would be a nice fit and offer the community I’m hoping to foster there. I’d love to connect with you about it, if you feel comfortable passing the link party along to me.


  9. Habit was a good word for 2020. I think establishing habits can keep us accountable and more likely to get things accomplished. Thank you for hosting this link-up. I have really enjoyed the gently nudge each month to consider my word. I moved on to my 2021 word already. I have had enough of 2020 and my word for this year (humility). 🙂


  10. I enjoy your honest reflections and thank you for hosting the link-up this year. I think Habit would be challenging this year with everything a bit off kilter. You have done an excellent job with the idea. I wish you a good December.


  11. Thank you so much for your year of hosting! Wishing you – and all the good habits! – the best for a successful rest of 2020. I think my 2021 word has already presented itself. Still letting it simmer for a bit to be sure. AND 😉 still working on some things for this year.


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