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                           surprise thanksgiving package left by a friend


… in just 4 days, December will be upon us and the end of 2020 – just 31 days away! I’m very much looking forward – – to 2020’s end and hopefully, the nightmare we’ve been living …


… despite this year’s challenges, I am grateful that friends and family, have for the most part, fared well. Several friends and I lost a long-time very dear friend and it has been so comforting for us to have one another.


… I read this article this AM, selected for me by google – sometimes I resent google’s snooping in my search and email in order to personalize web content for me but this time, I’m OK. I immediately downloaded the Kindle book and I’m off to Ravelry to look some more. My mind’s racing with ideas for doing this ’cause sky/cloud/season watching soothes my soul …


… it’s a fact that I’ve made corn pudding dozens of times (see 11/26/20 post). Yesterday, I managed to burn the dish…for some reason, I set the oven for 450 degrees, not the required 350 degrees! Go figure. I’m just grateful that we weren’t having company and that, fortunately, only the top was charred. And – Elias is THREE today! Will share a photo or two, as soon as Dolly sends some.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “tgif | 11.27.20 …

  1. I am more than ready for the year to be over even though I know that things aren’t magically going to change when the calendar flips from December 31 to January 1; I think it will be therapeutic, though, to put 2020 behind us. I’ve been thinking about how much this year has taken from us, but I think it’s also given us many things we can embrace. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt to thankful, for instance, for being healthy and safe and for having very basic needs met. It’s been a perspective changer for sure!


  2. Wow – Elias is three and Ellis is turning 4 – what a ride! That knit the sky idea is so interesting. I bet I have yarns in my stash that would help me document the world outside my window. Lovely idea and I found the ebook at my library! Seems like a good Sunday zoom knitting project 😊


  3. Knit the sky!!! Ohhhhhh. I already feel better that President Elect BIden is gettting security reports starting MOnday. So much to be thankful for, this Holiday. Even though we are alone, well there are 2 of us! , the kids are well and we are all staying home and keeping busy

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  4. Sorry to hear your corn pudding had a close shave … Knitting the sky sounds interesting, though I fear I’d need a LOT of grey yarn. I’m not looking forward to the year going, myself. Over here, we have the huge uncertainty of Brexit; the so-called ‘easiest deal in history where we hold all the cards’ (2016) and the ‘oven-ready deal’ (2019) have proved to be nothing of the sort, and no-one has a clue (including the government) what’s going to happen on 31 December. I’m glad the US is moving into calmer waters – here in the UK we are just about to be hit by an iceberg :(.

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